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Release notes for Commons-DBCP 1.2

NOTE: DBCP v1.2 requires Pool v1.2, make sure you use the correct version!

There were some new features were added since the 1.1 release on 20 October 2003.

  • Performance optimizations for the PoolableConnectionFactory of BasicDataSource.

  • Add BasicDataSourceFactory.createDataSource(Properties properties) for creating a BasicDataSource.

  • Add initialSize parameter to do pre-loading of the connection.

  • Refactoring of the DelegatingStatement classes.

  • Make some properties dynamic (changeable at runtime), this will be completed in next release.

  • Improvements to the prepared statement pooling.

  • Driver specific changes/optimizations for: Oracle, Informix, DaffodilDB.

  • Several fixes for PerUserPoolDataSource

  • PoolingDriver uses now a PoolGuardConnectionWrapper by default. If access to the underlying connection is needed, you have to enable it: PoolingDriver.setAccessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed(true)

  • The following issues were resolved since v1.1: (see Bugzilla for complete description)
    ID Date Sev State Summary
    24562 2003-11-10 Enh FIXE PoolingDriver needs a closePool method
    24328 2003-11-10 Nor FIXE PooledConnectionImpl ignores resultsetType and Concurrency
    24678 2003-11-14 Maj INVA DelegatingStatement.getResultSet() never returns null
    25096 2003-11-30 Enh FIXE PoolableConnectionFactory synchronized methods
    25001 2003-11-30 Nor FIXE Oracle 9i and default isolation settings
    25762 2003-12-26 Nor FIXE SharedPoolDataSource getConnection() throws ClassCastException
    25067 2003-12-26 Nor FIXE Please give possibility to access ObjectPools from PoolingDriver
    25795 2003-12-29 Nor DUPL NumberFormatException: For input string: "myDB"
    25794 2003-12-29 Nor FIXE ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
    24966 2004-01-06 Nor FIXE NullPointer with Oracle 9 driver
    26072 2004-01-18 Nor FIXE Null pointer exception being thrown in SQLNestedException
    26262 2004-01-20 Min FIXE DBCP log message in tomcat has incorrect day
    26422 2004-01-25 Enh FIXE Add BasicDataSourceFactory.createDataSource(Properties properties)
    25514 2004-02-07 Enh FIXE Add initialSize parameter to do pre-loading of the connection
    24082 2004-02-28 Blo FIXE NumberFormatException: For input string: "myDB"
    24136 2004-02-28 Nor FIXE ClassCastException in DriverAdapterCPDS when setPoolPreparedStatements(true)
    27214 2004-02-29 Enh FIXE bad > entity in javadoc
    27320 2004-02-29 Nor FIXE DBCP 1.1 incompatible with Informix (driver doesn't support setReadOnly(...))
    27465 2004-03-07 Maj FIXE memory leak in KeyedCPDSConnectionFactory
    26966 2004-03-07 Nor WORK Connectionpool's connections always returns same hashCode
    27246 2004-03-07 Nor FIXE PreparedStatement cache should be different depending on the Catalog
    27436 2004-03-08 Enh FIXE With Oracle jdbc driver, an unnecessary SQL "set transaction read write" is issued each time a connection is retrieved from the pool
    28579 2004-04-25 Nor FIXE NumActive can become incorrect when removeAbandoned=true
    28580 2004-04-25 Enh FIXE AbandonedObjectPool/Trace should log to stdout
    28251 2004-05-01 Nor FIXE Returning dead database connections to BasicDataSource
    28688 2004-05-01 Cri INVA Cant Deserialize the Class PerUserPoolDataSource
    28893 2004-05-12 Min FIXE PoolableConnectionFactory has incomplete javadoc on validationQuery
    28912 2004-05-17 Maj FIXE Connection re-use conflates logical and physical connections
    29054 2004-05-20 Nor FIXE setTestOnReturn(boolean)
    29055 2004-05-20 Nor FIXE AutoCommit and ReadOnly