Class RuleLoader

  extended by org.apache.commons.digester.plugins.RuleLoader
Direct Known Subclasses:
LoaderFromClass, LoaderFromStream, LoaderSetProperties

public abstract class RuleLoader
extends Object

Interface for classes which can dynamically load custom plugin rules associated with a user's plugin class.

Each plugin declaration has an associated RuleLoader instance, and that instance's addRules method is invoked each time the input xml specifies that an instance of that plugged-in class is to be created.

This is an abstract class rather than an interface in order to make it possible to enhance this class in future without breaking binary compatibility; it is possible to add methods to an abstract class, but not to an interface.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void addRules(Digester d, String path)
          Configures the digester with custom rules for some plugged-in class.
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Constructor Detail


public RuleLoader()
Method Detail


public abstract void addRules(Digester d,
                              String path)
                       throws PluginException
Configures the digester with custom rules for some plugged-in class.

This method is invoked when the start of an xml tag is encountered which maps to a PluginCreateRule. Any rules added here are removed from the digester when the end of that xml tag is encountered.


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