Deprecated API

Deprecated Classes
          Use IOUtils. Will be removed in 2.0. Methods renamed to IOUtils.write() or IOUtils.copy(). Null handling behaviour changed in IOUtils (null data does not throw NullPointerException).
          Use FileCleaningTracker
          Use WilcardFileFilter. Deprecated as this class performs directory filtering which it shouldn't do, but that can't be removed due to compatability. 

Deprecated Methods, IOFileFilter)
          use FileFilterUtils.and(IOFileFilter...)
          Use FileCleaningTracker.exitWhenFinished().
          Use freeSpaceKb(String) Deprecated from 1.3, may be removed in 2.0
          Use FileCleaningTracker.getTrackCount()., IOFileFilter)
          use FileFilterUtils.or(IOFileFilter...)
          Use String.getBytes()[])
          Use String.String(byte[]), Object)
          Use FileCleaningTracker.track(File, Object)., Object, FileDeleteStrategy)
          Use FileCleaningTracker.track(File, Object, FileDeleteStrategy)., Object)
          Use FileCleaningTracker.track(String, Object)., Object, FileDeleteStrategy)
          Use FileCleaningTracker.track(String, Object, FileDeleteStrategy)., OutputStream)
          replaced by write(CharSequence, OutputStream), OutputStream, String)
          replaced by write(CharSequence, OutputStream, String), Writer)
          replaced by write(CharSequence, Writer) 

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