Package org.apache.commons.jelly.impl

Core implementation classes for Jelly.


Interface Summary
BeanSource A tag which is associated with a JavaBean, such as a DynamicBeanTag
CollectionTag A tag which is capable of consuming objects, such as a <useList> tag such that nested objects will be added to the parent tag.
TagFactory TagFactory represents a Factory of Tag instances.
TagLibraryResolver TagLibraryResolver represents an object capable of resolving a URI to a TagLibrary instance.

Class Summary
Attribute Represents the attribute definition used by dynamic tags, such as whether the attribute is required or any default values etc.
CompositeTextScriptBlock CompositeTextScriptBlock represents a text body of a a tag which contains expressions, so that whitespace trimming can be handled differently.
DefaultTagFactory DefaultTagFactory a default implementation of TagFactory which creates new instances of a given class.
DefaultTagLibraryResolver DefaultTagLibraryResolver is a default implemenation which attempts to interpret the URI as a String called 'jelly:className' and class load the given Java class.
DynamicBeanTag This tag is bound onto a Java Bean class.
DynamicDynaBeanTag This tag is bound onto a DynaClass instance.
DynamicTag DynamicTag is a tag that is created from inside a Jelly script as a Jelly template and will invoke a given script, passing in its instantiation attributes as variables and will allow the template to invoke its instance body.
DynamicTagLibrary DynamicTagLibrary represents a TagLibrary which gets created by running a Jelly script.
ExpressionScript ExpressionScript outputs the value of an expression as text.
ScriptBlock ScriptBlock a block of scripts.
StaticTag StaticTag represents a static XML element which echos itself to XMLOutput when it is invoked.
StaticTagScript StaticTagScript is a script that evaluates a StaticTag, a piece of static XML though its attributes or element content may contain dynamic expressions.
TagScript TagScript is a Script that evaluates a custom tag.
TextScript TextScript outputs some static text.

Exception Summary
BreakException BreakException is used to terminate loops such as <forEach> and <while> tags.

Package org.apache.commons.jelly.impl Description

Core implementation classes for Jelly.