The following is a list of items that need to be completed in Jelly. Contributions are welcome!.

Core tasks

  • Implementa a META-INF/services mechanism for mapping Jelly libraries to namespace URIs in a similar way to how the commons-discovery and JAXP libraries work. This would allow Jelly libraries to be distributed in a self contained JAR then just put on the classpath and they'd be usable.
  • Implement a JJAR/Maven mechanism so that using a new Jelly library via a namespace URI would automatically download the jar and its dependencies from some local/remote repository.
  • Maybe add a Scope class to make it easier to plugin custom scopes such as request, session, applicaiton, initParams, params, transation etc. In a workflow setting this could also include transient and persistent scopes
  • Write a JellyServlet so that Jelly can be used as a page templating system.
  • Implement a HTML parser for Jelly, probably using NeckoHTML so that non-XML can be parsed and tags with prefixes can be bound to Jelly tags.
  • write a Cocoon JellyGenerator so that Jelly scripts can be used easily inside Cocoon
  • consider implementing a Jelly Doclet so that Jelly can be used to code generate stuff from javadoc tags in a similar way to XDoclet but making use of the JSTL tags and the Velocity like expression language (Jexl) which will avoid the need to use huge numbers of tags.
  • Rename the DynaTag interface to be DynamicAttributes along with JSP1.3, also add a namespace URI parameter
  • Add support for namespace URI use inside XPath expressions.
  • When defining new tags using <define:tag>, we should allow attributes to be named,

    specified as required, specify the optional conditions and so forth for validating instances.

    I guess this could just be normal script though.
  • The org.apache.commons.jelly.impl package doesn't have a great name -

    Can we think of a better one?

    Also some of the classes in this package could maybe do with a rename?

    ScriptBlock for example - should we just call it a Block or maybe a CompositeScript?
  • Add an adapter to run JSP tag libraries inside Jelly when Jelly is used in a Servlet / JSP environment?
  • Document much more!

Ideas for new tag libraries

  • An XSD tag library that can be used to parse XSD documents and create DynaBeans from the complex types.
    <xsd:element name="MyDynamicClass">
    Also we could consider using class names or XSD type names to do conversions of values, maybe using the ConvertUtils class in beanutils.
  • conside a tag library which implements the STX specification for the SAX based transformation of XML. This is kinda like XPath and XSLT but is based purely on a SAX stream. Maybe we could wrap Joost in a Jelly tag library
  • Implement a Schematron tag library for validing XML using a path based approach, rather than schema based.
  • Provide support for running a piece of Jelly script remotely. This would be particularly useful for distributed testing. Maybe integrating or enhancing something like rant

Changes to existing tag libraries

  • Add JSL test cases to test for ordering of patterns and that the correct output comes out.

Ponder about

The following is a list of things that might be good to add to Jelly, maybe after more thought.

  • maybe consider a tag which will switch the default EL to XPath; then XPath and EL can be peers. Then ${foo} can be used as an XPath expression anywhere
  • We could autogenerate XML Schemas or RelaxNG docs for tag libraries to help validate scripts
  • Patch TagLibrary to alias all <mixedCase> tags to <mixed-case> tags