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Packages that use UnifiedJEXL.Template
org.apache.commons.jexl2 Provides a framework for evaluating JEXL expressions. 

Uses of UnifiedJEXL.Template in org.apache.commons.jexl2

Methods in org.apache.commons.jexl2 that return UnifiedJEXL.Template
 UnifiedJEXL.Template UnifiedJEXL.createTemplate(String source)
          Creates a new template.
 UnifiedJEXL.Template UnifiedJEXL.createTemplate(String prefix, Reader source, String... parms)
          Creates a new template.
 UnifiedJEXL.Template UnifiedJEXL.createTemplate(String source, String... parms)
          Creates a new template.
 UnifiedJEXL.Template UnifiedJEXL.Template.prepare(JexlContext context)
          Prepares this template by expanding any contained deferred expression.

Methods in org.apache.commons.jexl2 with parameters of type UnifiedJEXL.Template
 void UnifiedJEXL.TemplateContext.include(UnifiedJEXL.Template template, Object... args)
          Includes a call to another template.

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