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org.apache.commons.lang.builder Assists in creating consistent equals(Object), toString(), hashCode(), and compareTo(Object) methods. 

Uses of EqualsBuilder in org.apache.commons.lang.builder

Methods in org.apache.commons.lang.builder that return EqualsBuilder
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(boolean[] lhs, boolean[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of boolean.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(boolean lhs, boolean rhs)
          Test if two booleanss are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(byte[] lhs, byte[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of byte.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(byte lhs, byte rhs)
          Test if two bytes are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(char[] lhs, char[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of char.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(char lhs, char rhs)
          Test if two chars are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(double[] lhs, double[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of double.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(double lhs, double rhs)
          Test if two doubles are equal by testing that the pattern of bits returned by doubleToLong are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(float[] lhs, float[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of float.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(float lhs, float rhs)
          Test if two floats are equal byt testing that the pattern of bits returned by doubleToLong are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(int[] lhs, int[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of int.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(int lhs, int rhs)
          Test if two ints are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(long[] lhs, long[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of long.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(long lhs, long rhs)
           Test if two long s are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(Object[] lhs, Object[] rhs)
          Performs a deep comparison of two Object arrays.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(Object lhs, Object rhs)
          Test if two Objects are equal using their equals method.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(short[] lhs, short[] rhs)
          Deep comparison of array of short.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.append(short lhs, short rhs)
          Test if two shorts are equal.
 EqualsBuilder EqualsBuilder.appendSuper(boolean superEquals)
          Adds the result of super.equals() to this builder.

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