Package org.apache.commons.lang

Provides highly reusable static utility methods, chiefly concerned with adding value to the java.lang classes.


Class Summary
ArrayUtils Operations on arrays, primitive arrays (like int[]) and primitive wrapper arrays (like Integer[]).
BitField Operations on bit-mapped fields.
BooleanUtils Operations on boolean primitives and Boolean objects.
CharEncoding Character encoding names required of every implementation of the Java platform.
CharRange A contiguous range of characters, optionally negated.
CharSet A set of characters.
CharSetUtils Operations on CharSets.
CharUtils Operations on char primitives and Character objects.
ClassUtils Operates on classes without using reflection.
LocaleUtils Operations to assist when working with a Locale.
NumberRange Deprecated. Use one of the Range classes in org.apache.commons.lang.math.
NumberUtils Deprecated. Moved to org.apache.commons.lang.math.
ObjectUtils Operations on Object.
ObjectUtils.Null Class used as a null placeholder where null has another meaning.
RandomStringUtils Operations for random Strings.
SerializationUtils Assists with the serialization process and performs additional functionality based on serialization.
StringEscapeUtils Escapes and unescapes Strings for Java, Java Script, HTML, XML, and SQL.
StringUtils Operations on String that are null safe.
SystemUtils Helpers for java.lang.System.
Validate This class assists in validating arguments.
WordUtils Operations on Strings that contain words.

Exception Summary
IllegalClassException Thrown when an object is an instance of an unexpected type (a class or interface).
IncompleteArgumentException Thrown to indicate an incomplete argument to a method.
NotImplementedException Thrown to indicate that a block of code has not been implemented.
NullArgumentException Thrown to indicate that an argument was null and should not have been.
SerializationException Exception thrown when the Serialization process fails.
UnhandledException Thrown when it is impossible or undesirable to consume or throw a checked exception.

Package org.apache.commons.lang Description

Provides highly reusable static utility methods, chiefly concerned with adding value to the java.lang classes.


Most of these classes are immutable and thus thread-safe. However Charset is not currently guaranteed thread-safe under all circumstances.

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