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org.apache.commons.lang3.concurrent Provides support classes for multi-threaded programming. 

Uses of ConcurrentException in org.apache.commons.lang3.concurrent

Methods in org.apache.commons.lang3.concurrent that return ConcurrentException
static ConcurrentException ConcurrentUtils.extractCause(ExecutionException ex)
          Inspects the cause of the specified ExecutionException and creates a ConcurrentException with the checked cause if necessary.
 ConcurrentException MultiBackgroundInitializer.MultiBackgroundInitializerResults.getException(String name)
          Returns the ConcurrentException object that was thrown by the BackgroundInitializer with the given name.

Methods in org.apache.commons.lang3.concurrent that throw ConcurrentException
<K,V> V
ConcurrentUtils.createIfAbsent(ConcurrentMap<K,V> map, K key, ConcurrentInitializer<V> init)
          Checks if a concurrent map contains a key and creates a corresponding value if not.
 T LazyInitializer.get()
          Returns the object wrapped by this instance.
 T ConstantInitializer.get()
          Returns the object managed by this initializer.
 T ConcurrentInitializer.get()
          Returns the fully initialized object produced by this ConcurrentInitializer.
 T BackgroundInitializer.get()
          Returns the result of the background initialization.
 T AtomicSafeInitializer.get()
          Get (and initialize, if not initialized yet) the required object
 T AtomicInitializer.get()
          Returns the object managed by this initializer.
static void ConcurrentUtils.handleCause(ExecutionException ex)
          Handles the specified ExecutionException.
protected abstract  T LazyInitializer.initialize()
          Creates and initializes the object managed by this LazyInitializer.
protected abstract  T AtomicSafeInitializer.initialize()
          Creates and initializes the object managed by this AtomicInitializer.
protected abstract  T AtomicInitializer.initialize()
          Creates and initializes the object managed by this AtomicInitializer.
<T> T
ConcurrentUtils.initialize(ConcurrentInitializer<T> initializer)
          Invokes the specified ConcurrentInitializer and returns the object produced by the initializer.

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