Interface Mutable<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the type to set and get
All Known Implementing Classes:
MutableBoolean, MutableByte, MutableDouble, MutableFloat, MutableInt, MutableLong, MutableObject, MutableShort

public interface Mutable<T>

Provides mutable access to a value.

Mutable is used as a generic interface to the implementations in this package.

A typical use case would be to enable a primitive or string to be passed to a method and allow that method to effectively change the value of the primitive/string. Another use case is to store a frequently changing primitive in a collection (for example a total in a map) without needing to create new Integer/Long wrapper objects.

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Method Summary
 T getValue()
          Gets the value of this mutable.
 void setValue(T value)
          Sets the value of this mutable.

Method Detail


T getValue()
Gets the value of this mutable.

the stored value


void setValue(T value)
Sets the value of this mutable.

value - the value to store
NullPointerException - if the object is null and null is invalid
ClassCastException - if the type is invalid

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