Class FieldHermiteInterpolator<T extends FieldElement<T>>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - Type of the field elements.

    public class FieldHermiteInterpolator<T extends FieldElement<T>>
    extends Object
    Polynomial interpolator using both sample values and sample derivatives.

    The interpolation polynomials match all sample points, including both values and provided derivatives. There is one polynomial for each component of the values vector. All polynomials have the same degree. The degree of the polynomials depends on the number of points and number of derivatives at each point. For example the interpolation polynomials for n sample points without any derivatives all have degree n-1. The interpolation polynomials for n sample points with the two extreme points having value and first derivative and the remaining points having value only all have degree n+1. The interpolation polynomial for n sample points with value, first and second derivative for all points all have degree 3n-1.