Class InterpolatingMicrosphere2D

    • Constructor Detail

      • InterpolatingMicrosphere2D

        public InterpolatingMicrosphere2D​(int size,
                                          double maxDarkFraction,
                                          double darkThreshold,
                                          double background)
        Create a sphere from vectors regularly sampled around a circle.
        size - Number of surface elements of the sphere.
        maxDarkFraction - Maximum fraction of the facets that can be dark. If the fraction of "non-illuminated" facets is larger, no estimation of the value will be performed, and the background value will be returned instead.
        darkThreshold - Value of the illumination below which a facet is considered dark.
        background - Value returned when the maxDarkFraction threshold is exceeded.
        NotStrictlyPositiveException - if size <= 0.
        NotPositiveException - if darkThreshold < 0.
        OutOfRangeException - if maxDarkFraction does not belong to the interval [0, 1].