Class MullerSolver2

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BaseUnivariateSolver<UnivariateFunction>, UnivariateSolver

    public class MullerSolver2
    extends AbstractUnivariateSolver
    This class implements the Muller's Method for root finding of real univariate functions. For reference, see Elementary Numerical Analysis, ISBN 0070124477, chapter 3.

    Muller's method applies to both real and complex functions, but here we restrict ourselves to real functions. This class differs from MullerSolver in the way it avoids complex operations.

    Except for the initial [min, max], it does not require bracketing condition, e.g. f(x0), f(x1), f(x2) can have the same sign. If a complex number arises in the computation, we simply use its modulus as a real approximation.

    Because the interval may not be bracketing, the bisection alternative is not applicable here. However in practice our treatment usually works well, especially near real zeroes where the imaginary part of the complex approximation is often negligible.

    The formulas here do not use divided differences directly.

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