Class MullerSolver

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BaseUnivariateSolver<UnivariateFunction>, UnivariateSolver

    public class MullerSolver
    extends AbstractUnivariateSolver
    This class implements the Muller's Method for root finding of real univariate functions. For reference, see Elementary Numerical Analysis, ISBN 0070124477, chapter 3.

    Muller's method applies to both real and complex functions, but here we restrict ourselves to real functions. This class differs from MullerSolver in the way it avoids complex operations.

    Muller's original method would have function evaluation at complex point. Since our f(x) is real, we have to find ways to avoid that. Bracketing condition is one way to go: by requiring bracketing in every iteration, the newly computed approximation is guaranteed to be real.

    Normally Muller's method converges quadratically in the vicinity of a zero, however it may be very slow in regions far away from zeros. For example, f(x) = exp(x) - 1, min = -50, max = 100. In such case we use bisection as a safety backup if it performs very poorly.

    The formulas here use divided differences directly.

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