Class EnumeratedDistribution<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - type of the elements in the sample space.

    public class EnumeratedDistribution<T>
    extends Object

    A generic implementation of a discrete probability distribution (Wikipedia) over a finite sample space, based on an enumerated list of <value, probability> pairs. Input probabilities must all be non-negative, but zero values are allowed and their sum does not have to equal one. Constructors will normalize input probabilities to make them sum to one.

    The list of <value, probability> pairs does not, strictly speaking, have to be a function and it can contain null values. The pmf created by the constructor will combine probabilities of equal values and will treat null values as equal. For example, if the list of pairs <"dog", 0.2>, <null, 0.1>, <"pig", 0.2>, <"dog", 0.1>, <null, 0.4> is provided to the constructor, the resulting pmf will assign mass of 0.5 to null, 0.3 to "dog" and 0.2 to pig.