Class Neuron

  • public class Neuron
    extends Object
    Describes a neuron element of a neural network. This class aims to be thread-safe.
    • Method Detail

      • copy

        public Neuron copy()
        Performs a deep copy of this instance. Upon return, the copied and original instances will be independent: Updating one will not affect the other.
        a new instance with the same state as this instance.
      • getIdentifier

        public long getIdentifier()
        Gets the neuron's identifier.
        the identifier.
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
        Gets the length of the feature set.
        the number of features.
      • getFeatures

        public double[] getFeatures()
        Gets the neuron's features.
        a copy of the neuron's features.
      • compareAndSetFeatures

        public boolean compareAndSetFeatures​(double[] expect,
                                             double[] update)
        Tries to atomically update the neuron's features. Update will be performed only if the expected values match the current values.
        In effect, when concurrent threads call this method, the state could be modified by one, so that it does not correspond to the the state assumed by another. Typically, a caller retrieves the current state, and uses it to compute the new state. During this computation, another thread might have done the same thing, and updated the state: If the current thread were to proceed with its own update, it would overwrite the new state (which might already have been used by yet other threads). To prevent this, the method does not perform the update when a concurrent modification has been detected, and returns false. When this happens, the caller should fetch the new current state, redo its computation, and call this method again.
        expect - Current values of the features, as assumed by the caller. Update will never succeed if the contents of this array does not match the values returned by getFeatures().
        update - Features's new values.
        true if the update was successful, false otherwise.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the length of update is not the same as specified in the constructor.