Class FTPFileEntryParserImpl

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Direct Known Subclasses:
CompositeFileEntryParser, MLSxEntryParser, RegexFTPFileEntryParserImpl

public abstract class FTPFileEntryParserImpl extends Object implements FTPFileEntryParser
This abstract class implements both the older FTPFileListParser and newer FTPFileEntryParser interfaces with default functionality. All the classes in the parser subpackage inherit from this.
  • Constructor Details

    • FTPFileEntryParserImpl

      The constructor for a FTPFileEntryParserImpl object.
  • Method Details

    • preParse

      public List<String> preParse(List<String> original)
      This method is a hook for those implementors (such as VMSVersioningFTPEntryParser, and possibly others) which need to perform some action upon the FTPFileList after it has been created from the server stream, but before any clients see the list. This default implementation does nothing.
      Specified by:
      preParse in interface FTPFileEntryParser
      original - Original list after it has been created from the server stream
      original unmodified.
    • readNextEntry

      Reads the next entry using the supplied BufferedReader object up to whatever delimits one entry from the next. This default implementation simply calls BufferedReader.readLine().
      Specified by:
      readNextEntry in interface FTPFileEntryParser
      reader - The BufferedReader object from which entries are to be read.
      A string representing the next ftp entry or null if none found.
      IOException - thrown on any IO Error reading from the reader.