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Package org.apache.commons.rdf.api

Commons RDF, a common library of RDF 1.1 concepts.

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Package org.apache.commons.rdf.api Description

Commons RDF, a common library of RDF 1.1 concepts.

The core RDF 1.1 concepts are represented by corresponding interfaces:

A Graph is a collection of Triples, which have a subject, predicate and object of RDFTerms. The three types of RDF terms are IRI, Literal and BlankNode.

Implementations of this API should provide an RDF to facilitate creation of these objects.

All the RDFTerm objects are immutable, while a Graph MAY be mutable (e.g. support methods like Graph.add(Triple)).

RDFSyntax enumerates the W3C standard RDF 1.1 syntaxes and their media types.

For further documentation and contact details, see the Commons RDF web site.

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