Package org.apache.commons.rng.core

Base classes for the generation of uniformly distributed random numbers.

For internal use only: Direct access to classes in this package and below, is discouraged, as they could be modified without notice.

Notes for developers

This package contains the common functionality.
Implementations that produce int values are defined in the source32 package.
Implementations that produce long values are defined in the source64 package.

Implementations are expected to match an algorithm reference output for the source output type (32-bit or 64-bit integers). This should be maintained across release versions. Output for derived types obtained from the source output type, such as float or boolean, are not required to maintain functional compatibility to allow algorithm improvements.

Each implementation must have an identifier in ProviderBuilder.RandomSourceInternal defined in module "commons-rng-simple" (to allow instantiation through the RandomSource factory methods.