Building Functor

To build Commons Functor from scratch, you must first obtain the source, from the SVN server.

Commons Functor can be built using Maven or Ant.

Building with Maven

  1. Install a recent Maven release. Maven is available from
  2. With Maven installed, you should be able to run an arbitrary maven goal from the root Commons Functor directory. Use maven -g for a list of avaiable goals. Commonly used goals include clean, test, dist, site and clover.

Building with Ant

  1. Install a recent Ant release. Ant is available from
  2. Obtain JUnit 3.8.1 or later. JUnit is available from Note that JUnit is a needed to compile and run the unit tests, but is not needed at runtime by clients of Commons Functor.
  3. Copy the file found in the root Commons Functor directory to a file named Modify this file to provide the location of the junit.jar file. (Note that Commons Functor supports a "shared" file placed either at ../ or ../../jakarta-commons/, or both, relative to the root Commons Functor directory.)
  4. You may run ant -projecthelp to obtain a list of the available Ant targets. Commonly used targets include clean, test, compile, dist, and javadoc.