Package org.apache.commons.javaflow.bytecode.transformation.bcel.analyser

Interface Summary
InstructionContext An InstructionContext offers convenient access to information like control flow successors and such.
Subroutine This interface defines properties of JVM bytecode subroutines.

Class Summary
ControlFlowGraph This class represents a control flow graph of a method.
ExceptionHandler This class represents an exception handler; that is, an ObjectType representing a subclass of java.lang.Throwable and the instruction the handler starts off (represented by an InstructionContext).
ExceptionHandlers This class allows easy access to ExceptionHandler objects.
ExecutionPath List of InstructionContext that represents a sequence of an execution.
ExecutionVisitor This Visitor class may be used for a type-based Java Virtual Machine simulation.
Frame This class represents a JVM execution frame; that means, a local variable array and an operand stack.
LocalVariables This class implements an array of local variables used for symbolic JVM simulation.
OperandStack This class implements a stack used for symbolic JVM stack simulation.
Subroutines Instances of this class contain information about the subroutines found in a code array of a method.
UninitializedObjectType This class represents an uninitialized object type; see The Java Virtual Machine Specification, Second Edition, page 147: 4.9.4 for more details.

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