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Packages that use MessageletRequest
org.apache.commons.messagelet This package provides the mechansim to deploy MessageListener beans in a servlet application server which are intialized and destroyed with a web-application as well as introducing MessageDrivenObjects which are MessageListeners which receive servlet-style lifecycle events and Messagelets which are servlets that process Messages. 
org.apache.commons.messagelet.impl This package contains implementation classes to support both MDO's as well as to be able to dispatch into a Servlet engine to be able to process Messagelets. 

Uses of MessageletRequest in org.apache.commons.messagelet

Methods in org.apache.commons.messagelet with parameters of type MessageletRequest
abstract  void Messagelet.service(MessageletRequest request, MessageletResponse response)

Uses of MessageletRequest in org.apache.commons.messagelet.impl

Classes in org.apache.commons.messagelet.impl that implement MessageletRequest
 class HttpMessageletRequestImpl
          HttpMessageletRequestImpl represents a servlet request from a JMS Message source which appears to be a HTTP request so that JSP can process the request as if it were a HTTP request.
 class MessageletRequestImpl
          MessageletRequestImpl represents a servlet request from a JMS Message source.

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