Serialized Form

Package org.apache.commons.messagelet

Class org.apache.commons.messagelet.ManagerServlet extends javax.servlet.GenericServlet implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


boolean continueOnSubscribeException
Whether exceptions occurring during subscriptions on startup should terminate the initialization

Class org.apache.commons.messagelet.Messagelet extends javax.servlet.GenericServlet implements Serializable

Package org.apache.commons.messagelet.impl

Class org.apache.commons.messagelet.impl.HttpSessionImpl extends Object implements Serializable

Serialization Methods


private void readObject(ObjectInputStream stream)
                 throws ClassNotFoundException,
Read a serialized version of this session object from the specified object input stream.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: The reference to the owning Manager is not restored by this method, and must be set explicitly.

ClassNotFoundException - if an unknown class is specified
IOException - if an input/output error occurs


private void writeObject(ObjectOutputStream stream)
                  throws IOException
Write a serialized version of this session object to the specified object output stream.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: The owning Manager will not be stored in the serialized representation of this Session. After calling readObject(), you must set the associated Manager explicitly.

IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: Any attribute that is not Serializable will be unbound from the session, with appropriate actions if it implements HttpSessionBindingListener. If you do not want any such attributes, be sure the distributable property of the associated Manager is set to true.

IOException - if an input/output error occurs
Serialized Fields


HashMap attributes
The collection of user data attributes associated with this Session.


long creationTime
The time this session was created, in milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 GMT.


String id
The session identifier of this Session.


long lastAccessedTime
The last accessed time for this Session.


int maxInactiveInterval
The maximum time interval, in seconds, between client requests before the servlet container may invalidate this session. A negative time indicates that the session should never time out.


boolean isNew
Flag indicating whether this session is new or not.


boolean isValid
Flag indicating whether this session is valid or not.


long thisAccessedTime
The current accessed time for this session.


javax.servlet.ServletContext servletContext
The ServletContext


boolean distributable
Is this session distributable. If so then its values must be Serializable.

Package org.apache.commons.messenger

Class org.apache.commons.messenger.InitMessengerServlet extends javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet implements Serializable

Class org.apache.commons.messenger.MessengerServlet extends javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


Messenger messenger
Holds value of property messenger.


javax.jms.Destination destination
Holds value of property destination.

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