Uses of Interface

Packages that use LocationAware
org.apache.commons.jelly This package contains the main jelly API classes. 
org.apache.commons.jelly.impl Core implementation classes for Jelly. 

Uses of LocationAware in org.apache.commons.jelly

Classes in org.apache.commons.jelly that implement LocationAware
 class JellyException
          JellyException is the root of all Jelly exceptions.
 class JellyTagException
          A JellyTagException is an exception generated by a Tag implementation.
 class MissingAttributeException
          JellyException is the root of all Jelly exceptions.

Uses of LocationAware in org.apache.commons.jelly.impl

Classes in org.apache.commons.jelly.impl that implement LocationAware
 class BreakException
          BreakException is used to terminate loops such as <forEach> and <while> tags.

Methods in org.apache.commons.jelly.impl with parameters of type LocationAware
protected  void TagScript.applyLocation(LocationAware locationAware)