Package org.apache.commons.jxpath

Public, abstract part of JXPath: interfaces and configuration.


Interface Summary
CompiledExpression Represents a compiled XPath.
Container A Container is an object implementing an indirection mechanism transparent to JXPath.
DynamicPropertyHandler A generic mechanism for accessing collections of name/value pairs.
ExpressionContext If an extenstion function has an argument of type ExpressionContext, it can gain access to the current node of an XPath expression context.
Function Extension function interface.
Functions A group of Function objects sharing a common namespace or a set of common namespaces.
IdentityManager A delegate of JXPathContext that implements the XPath "id()" function.
JXPathBeanInfo JXPathBeanInfo is similar to java.beans.BeanInfo in that it describes properties of a JavaBean class.
KeyManager A delegate of JXPathContext that implements the XPath "key()" function.
NodeSet NodeSet interface can be used as the type of an argument of an extension function.
Pointer Pointers represent locations of objects and their properties in Java object graphs.
Variables Variables provide access to a global set of values accessible via XPath.

Class Summary
AbstractFactory The JXPathContext.createPath() method of JXPathContext can create missing objects as it traverses an XPath; it utilizes an AbstractFactory for that purpose.
BasicVariables A basic implementation of the Variables interface that uses a HashMap.
ClassFunctions Extension functions provided by a Java class.
FunctionLibrary An object that aggregates Functions objects into a group Functions object.
JXPathBasicBeanInfo An implementation of JXPathBeanInfo based on JavaBeans' BeanInfo.
JXPathContext JXPathContext provides APIs for the traversal of graphs of JavaBeans using the XPath syntax.
JXPathContextFactory Defines a factory API that enables applications to obtain a JXPathContext instance.
JXPathIntrospector JXPathIntrospector maintains a registry of JXPathBeanInfo objects for Java classes.
MapDynamicPropertyHandler Implements the DynamicPropertyHandler interface for java.util.Map.
PackageFunctions Extension functions provided by Java classes.
XMLDocumentContainer Deprecated. 1.1 Please use org.apache.commons.jxpath.xml.DocumentContainer

Exception Summary
JXPathException Thrown in various situations by JXPath; may contain a nested exception.

Error Summary
JXPathContextFactoryConfigurationError Thrown when a problem with configuration with the JXPathContextFactories exists.

Package org.apache.commons.jxpath Description

Public, abstract part of JXPath: interfaces and configuration. If you are a user of JXPath and don't plan to modify its implementation, this is the only package you'll need to use. Start with the JXPathContext class.

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