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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
NUMBERS-59 complex Complex: Remove unnecessary null checks Bug Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-50 Clean checkstyle for Complex Bug Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-49 Some double variables in Complex() are not final and should be Bug Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-44 IndexOutOfRangeException(int) not thrown in ComplexUtils Bug Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-23 mvn site won't compile due to javascript error Bug Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-4 Complex.ZERO.pow(2.0) is NaN Bug Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-71 Conform complex multiplication and division to C++11 standards Improvement Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-27 In Complex, replace hand-coded hypot with Java.lang.Math.hypot Improvement Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-16 Set tolerances in ComplexTest to zero? Improvement Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-14 call to hashCode() in Complex Improvement Fixed Closed
NUMBERS-13 Testing to ensures Complex behavior conforms to ISO C Standards Improvement Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-11 Resolve two competing Precision methods Improvement Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-3 Make "RootsOfUnity" immutable Improvement Fixed Resolved
NUMBERS-81 complex Jacoco reports 0% coverage Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-55 complex Method "hashCode" Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-53 complex Factory methods are not "static" Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-48 Unreachable statements in Complex.abs() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-46 ContinuedFraction: "maxIterations" argument Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-36 mathjax CDN shutting down - will soon break javadoc Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-15 Copy of MATH-1402 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-1 Testing fails due to poor null handling in newly created local equals() and equals-type methods Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-45 Removal of isNaN() and isInfinite() methods from Complex class Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-24 Create logo for Apache Commons Numbers Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-22 Method reciprocal() in Complex for complex numbers with parts very close to 0.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-37 Angle class New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-65 complex "RootsOfUnity" vs "nthRoot" Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-64 complex Method "norm()" Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-60 complex Check Javadoc with respect to NaN Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-57 complex Review deserialization Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-39 Move "Beta" and "Erf" from "Commons Math" Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-33 Move code from "Gamma" class Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-20 Copy prime related code from [math] Task Fixed Resolved
1.0 NUMBERS-6 "fraction" module Task Fixed Resolved