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Release History

Version Date Description
1.1 2018-08-14 This is a minor release of Apache Commons RNG, containing a few new features and performance improvements. Apache Commons RNG 1.1 contains the following library modules: commons-rng-client-api (requires Java 6) commons-rng-core (requires Java 6) commons-rng-simple (requires Java 6) commons-rng-sampling (requires Java 6) The code in module 'commons-rng-core' should not be accessed directly by applications as a future release might make use of the JPMS modularization feature available in Java 9+. Additional code is provided in the following module: commons-rng-examples (requires Java 9) It is however not part of the official API and no compatibility should be expected in subsequent releases. We would like to also note that unit tests in module 'commons-rng-sampling' are bound to fail with some probability; this is expected due to the nature of random number generation. The 'maven-surefire-plugin' can be configured to re-run tests that fail and pass the build if they succeed (the test will be marked as 'flaky' in the report).
1.0 2016-12-13 This is the first release of Apache Commons RNG. Apache Commons RNG 1.0 contains the following modules: commons-rng-client-api (requires Java 6) commons-rng-core (requires Java 6) commons-rng-simple (requires Java 6) commons-rng-sampling (requires Java 6) commons-rng-jmh (requires Java 6) commons-rng-examples (requires Java 7)

Release 1.1 – 2018-08-14

Type Changes By
Fix Class "SamplerBase" has been deprecated. It was meant for internal use only but, through inheritance, it allows incorrect usage of the sampler classes. Fixes RNG-53. erans
Update "PoissonSampler": Algorithms for small mean and large mean have been separated into dedicated classes. Cache precomputation has been disabled as it is only marginally used and is a performance hit for small sampling sets. Fixes RNG-50. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert. erans
Add Implementation of the "Ziggurat" algorithm for Gaussian sampling. Fixes RNG-37. erans
Update Use "ZigguratNormalizedGaussianSampler" within the library. Fixes RNG-42. erans
Add "DiscreteProbabilityCollectionSampler": Sampling from a collection of items with user-defined probabilities (feature ported from "Commons Math"). Fixes RNG-47. erans
Add "LogNormalSampler" with user-defined underlying "NormalizedGaussianSampler". Fixes RNG-43. erans
Update Following RNG-43, "BoxMullerLogNormalSampler" has been deprecated. Fixes RNG-46. erans
Add "UnitSphereSampler": generate random vectors isotropically located on the surface of a sphere (feature ported from "Commons Math"). Fixes RNG-39. erans
Add "MarsagliaNormalizedGaussianSampler": Faster variation of the Box-Muller algorithm. This version is used within "AhrensDieterMarsagliaTsangGammaSampler" "MarsagliaLogNormalSampler" and "PoissonSampler" (generated sequences will thus differ from those generated by version 1.0 of the library). Fixes RNG-36. erans
Add New generic "GaussianSampler" based on "NormalizedGaussianSampler" marker interface. Implementation of "BoxMullerNormalizedGaussianSampler" deprecates "BoxMullerGaussianSampler". Fixes RNG-35. erans

Release 1.0 – 2016-12-13

No changes in this release.