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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
RNG-15 Bad grammer in RandomSource.State type javadoc comment Bug Fixed Closed
RNG-5 Create API usage demo example application. Task Fixed Closed
RNG-4 Add benchmark to compare performance of generating a sequence of number values. Task Fixed Closed
RNG-3 [Site] issue-tracking page should poin to new RNG related JIRA. Task Fixed Closed
RNG-2 Allow creation and execution of JMH based benchmarks Task Fixed Closed
1.1 RNG-42 sampling Use Ziggurat implementation in other samplers Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1 RNG-36 sampling Variation of the Box-Muller algorithm New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.1 RNG-53 sampling Prevent bad usage of internal class Wish Fixed Resolved
1.1 RNG-47 sampling Migrate "EnumeratedDistribution" from "Commons Math" Wish Fixed Resolved
1.1 RNG-37 sampling Ziggurat algorithm Wish Fixed Resolved
1.0 RNG-10 "save" and "restore" using explicit byte array Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 RNG-13 Implement "KISS" algorithm New Feature Fixed Closed
1.0 RNG-12 Implement "multiply-with-carry" algorithm New Feature Fixed Closed