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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
VFS-408 CompressedFileFileObject Exception thrown when container file has no extension   Fixed Resolved
VFS-332 Incorrect lazy initialization and update of static field org.apache.commons.vfs.tasks.VfsTask.manager   Fixed Resolved
VFS-300 CLONE -FileObject..getName().getURI() returns URIs with spaces   Fixed Closed
VFS-242 NamingTests - assertSameName invokes relName.replace('\\', '/'); without using return value   Fixed Resolved
VFS-98 VFS causes deadlocks or is not thread-safe   Fixed Closed
VFS-95 Wrong TEM Directory Logged   Fixed Closed
VFS-93 Problem with default password field null when SFTPClientFactory creates a connection   Fixed Closed
VFS-89 Simple misleading documentation   Fixed Closed
VFS-83 SFTP - FileSystemOption 'compression' is set to value of 'strictHostKeyChecking'   Fixed Closed
VFS-82 ClassCastException in AbstractFileObject when using OnCall caching   Fixed Closed
VFS-81 QueryString is lost after resolveFile("http://...?queryString").   Fixed Closed
VFS-78 DefaultFileMonitor does not register changes made on FTP FileObjects   Fixed Closed
VFS-76 Timing Issues With Multiple Open Files and WebDav   Fixed Closed
VFS-75 Impossible to pass test cases   Fixed Closed
VFS-73 FileObject.moveTo() destroys data when changing case   Fixed Closed
VFS-69 FTPFileObject monitor doesn't retrieve lastModifiedTime   Fixed Closed
VFS-64 [VFS] Files with "file:////" instead of "file:///"   Fixed Closed
VFS-63 [vfs][PATCH] Filesets compatible with ANT in VFS tasks   Fixed Closed
VFS-62 [vfs] [PATCH] Added modulus based delay to DefaultFileMonitor for better performance when monitoring large number of files   Fixed Closed
VFS-61 [vfs] do not issue "dir ." on the ftp-server   Fixed Closed
VFS-60 [vfs] ClassCastException   Fixed Closed
VFS-59 [VFS] directories in tar file don't have last modified date   Fixed Closed
VFS-58 [vfs] patch for extension and FileReplicator problems   Fixed Closed
VFS-57 [vfs] Message key missing from Resource.properties   Fixed Closed
VFS-56 [VFS] SoftRefFilesCache does not work   Fixed Closed
VFS-55 [vfs] HTTP transport fails when encoding is required   Fixed Closed
VFS-54 [vfs][PATCH] External File Monitor (Todo List Item)   Fixed Closed
VFS-53 [VFS] ftp file system depends on ORO for a MalformedPatternException   Fixed Closed
VFS-52 [vfs] Webdav resource uses "displayname" instead of "name"   Fixed Closed
VFS-51 [TMP] Root dir for temp filesystem should be temp system dir by default   Fixed Closed
VFS-50 Threading issue with AbstractFileSystem.fireEvent   Fixed Closed
VFS-35 [VFS] URI of LocalFile contains second slash after scheme   Fixed Closed
VFS-34 [vfs] NullPointerException in DefaultFileContent.getLastModifiedTime()   Fixed Closed
VFS-30 [VFS] no vfs_cache cleanup after ant task completed   Fixed Closed
VFS-29 [VFS] MD5 file comparison failed whereas it should not   Fixed Closed
VFS-27 [vfs] getChildren() faild on missing folder access rights   Fixed Closed
VFS-26 [vfs] Multiple taskdefs causes ClassCastException   Fixed Closed
VFS-25 [vfs] Deadly embrace between AbstractFileProvider and SoftRefFilesCache   Fixed Closed
VFS-24 [VFS] [PATCH] StandardFileSystemManager configure to use classloader URL object   Fixed Closed
VFS-23 [vfs] VFS discards host part of URL when commons-httpclient jar not in classpath   Fixed Closed
VFS-21 [vfs] <v-copy>/<v-sync> logs warning instead of throwing BuildException   Fixed Closed
VFS-20 [VFS] post 1.0, add get rid of deprecation warnings in FTPClientWrapper.java against commons-net-1.4.0   Fixed Closed
VFS-19 [vfs] Cannot used base root with FTP   Fixed Closed
VFS-17 [vfs] adds byte range support to the webdav provider   Fixed Closed
VFS-15 [VFS] Remote filenames with '?' causes local replication problem on Windows   Fixed Closed
VFS-14 [VFS] sftp: Url parsing fails with special characters in password part   Fixed Closed
VFS-12 [VFS] Maven repository SNAPSHOT upgrade   Fixed Closed
VFS-9 [VFS] Can't copy using tar:gz:http FileObject   Fixed Closed
VFS-8 [VFS] remove commons-collections dependency from ram provider   Fixed Closed
VFS-7 [VFS] ram provider. Autocreate root folder   Fixed Closed
VFS-6 [VFS] Zip files are locked even after close()   Fixed Closed
VFS-5 [VFS]After deleting a file from a FTP server, a LIST is invoked for the file's directory   Fixed Closed
VFS-4 [vfs][PATCH] External File Monitor   Fixed Closed
VFS-2 [vfs] Local filesystem provider returns 0 from URLConnection.getLastModified   Fixed Closed
VFS-87 No way to pass http cookie (required for form-based authentication)   Fixed Closed
VFS-86 Proxy username/password   Fixed Closed
VFS-84 SFTP: proxy support   Fixed Closed
VFS-80 HTTPS protocol should use Commons HTTP Client, not URL provider   Fixed Closed
VFS-68 Extraction process is unefficient with large packages   Fixed Closed
VFS-67 [vfs] setLastModified patch for sftp   Fixed Closed
VFS-66 [VFS][PATCH] Rename File, Push down FileSystem configuration, ....   Fixed Closed
VFS-65 [VFS] new srcdir and includes attributes for ANT tasks   Fixed Closed
VFS-47 [vfs] webdav not able to transfer large files   Fixed Closed
VFS-45 [VFS] New provider: crypt   Fixed Closed
VFS-42 [vfs] Display safe and user friendly VFS URLs   Fixed Closed
VFS-41 [VFS] New provider: iso9660   Fixed Closed
VFS-37 [vfs] memory provider   Fixed Closed
VFS-36 [vfs] J2EE JAR format files support   Fixed Closed
VFS-71 Deploy recent VFS snapshot to the Apache M2 Snapshot repository   Fixed Closed
VFS-70 Allow VFS to build with m2 so that it can be deployed to a Maven repository easily   Fixed Closed
VFS-108 Add sandbox to gump   Fixed Closed
VFS-99 Changes in interface RandomAccessContent.   Fixed Closed
2.1 VFS-514 [tests] PermissionsTests leaves unclean test directory   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-513 $Date in checkstyle.xml   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-510 moveTo fails with SFTPFileObject if CacheStrategy.ON_CALL is set   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-496 Resource translation issues   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-494 [SFTP] No support for SFTP servers with non Latin-1 file name encoding   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-489 [tests] ProviderWriteTests#testListener does not fail cleanly   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-486 DefaultFileMonitor sleeps for twice the specified delay when checkPerRun > 0   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-482 Wrong assertion messages in RAM provider test case   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-469 [WebDAV] Dependency javax.jrc:jcr is not used   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-464 StaticUserAuthenticator ignores requested authentication types   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-461 [FTP/FTPS] Cannot set SoTimeout and Encoding with system properties   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-460 commons-compress not optional   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-458 FTPS implementation incomplete and buggy compared to FTP   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-452 HttpFileObject read/write attributes should reflect underlying FileSystem capabilities   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-450 HDFSFileSystem.resolveFile() does not honor CacheStrategy.ON_RESOLVE   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-449 HDFS Provider is not removing cached files   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-447 Update Apache Commons Net to 3.2 from 3.1.   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-439 StaticUserAuthenticator usage example wrong   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-437 [FTP] StackOverFlowError getting the type of a directory with a symbolic link to a parent directory with the same name   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-435 FileSystemConfigBuilder does not use prefix for some system property lookups.   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-434 FileSystemException should reuse IOException's chained exception   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-433 Message "vfs.provider.webdav/propfind.error" is not defined.   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-432 [HTTP][WebDAV] Allow HTTP follow redirect   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-431 FileSystemOption does not implement toString()   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-430 The SoftRefFilesCache class logs clear text password   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-427 [HTTP] NPE on HttpFileObject.getContent().getContentInfo()   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-426 HTTP URL query string not part of cache key   Fixed Resolved
2.1 VFS-418 Update to Apache Commons Compress 1.4.1   Fixed Resolved