Commons Clazz

Commons-Clazz is an upgrade to reflection and introspection. It was born in response to the lack of improvements in handling JavaBeans by the JDK, such as no specification to cover List and Map access to and from beans. See the user guide for more details of the design adopted. All help is gratefully received.

The initial list of requirements driving the design was:

  • Handle all classes, not just beans
  • Support extensible metadata (not just for GUI builders)
  • Handle normal (today) bean conventions (get/set/add/put methods)
  • Handle future conventions that are not yet standard
  • Support method overloading
  • Provide a complete alternative to using java.beans.Introspector
  • Be simple to learn


  • This code is in the commons sandbox
  • The code is unreleased
  • Methods and classes can and will appear and disappear without warning
  • If you like the code and want to push it towards a release, join the mailing list!



None. This is a sandbox component.