Generated Reports

This document provides an overview of the various reports that are automatically generated by Maven . Each report is briefly described below.


Changes ReportChanges Report on Releases of the Project.
JIRA ReportReport on Issues from the JIRA Issue Tracking System.
JavaDocsJavaDoc API documentation.
Test JavaDocsTest JavaDoc API documentation.
Source XrefHTML based, cross-reference version of Java source code.
Test Source XrefHTML based, cross-reference version of Java test source code.
Surefire ReportReport on the test results of the project.
RAT ReportReport on compliance to license related source code policies
ClirrReport on binary and source API differences between releases
JDependJDepend traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package. JDepend allows you to automatically measure the quality of a design in terms of its extensibility, reusability, and maintainability to manage package dependencies effectively.
Cobertura Test CoverageCobertura Test Coverage Report.
CheckstyleReport on coding style conventions.