Package org.apache.commons.latka.event

Interface Summary
LatkaEvent A 'marker' interface that all classes which are able to function as Latka events must implement
LatkaEventInfo An extension to LatkaEventListener that stores the success or failure of all requests.
LatkaEventListener Event listener used during the execution of Latka tests.
RequestEvent The basic set of methods available on all Latka events
SuiteEvent An interface to mark classes as being SuiteEvents

Class Summary
BaseRequestEvent The base class for request events fired by latka.
LatkaEventPublisher A LatkaEventListener that publishes the incoming events to other listeners
ReportMessageEvent An event detailing a report message
RequestErrorEvent An event that represents an error that occurred processing a request
RequestFailedEvent An event for when a request fails
RequestSkippedEvent An event used when Latka skips a request
RequestSucceededEvent An event generated by Latka when a request completes successfully
SuiteCompletedEvent An event Latka fires when a suite has completed

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