Package org.apache.commons.latka

Interface Summary
Validator This is the standard interface for custom validation of an HTTP Response in Latka.

Class Summary
AbstractReporter The base class for several 'reporters'.
DefaultLatkaEventInfo The base class for several 'reporters'.
HtmlPrettyPrintWriter Provides more attractive HTML formatting for the runtime output of Latka.
Latka This is the primary class for executing Latka functional tests.
LatkaProperties Stores properties for Latka.
Suite References a Latka XML suite, stored either inside a Reader or at a file URI.
XMLReporter This LatkaEventListener will generate an XML report of all tests run during an Latka XML suite.

Exception Summary
LatkaException Latka throws this exception to the client whenever a problem occurs that is not covered by one of the standard JDK exceptions (validation errors, SAX problems, etc.)
ValidationException This exception is thrown by validators when a validation has failed

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