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The Apache Commons Sandbox - Google Summer of Code Projects

Here is the list of the two projects from the Google Summer of CodeTM 2010 program, in alphabetical order.

  • scxml-eclipse - This project aims to provide an Eclipse and GMF based visual editor and debugger for SCXML, which can also be used to generate SCXML documents and code from a state chart.
  • scxml-js - This project aims develop an SCXML-to-JavaScript compiler optimized for User Interface development on the World Wide Web and generate graphical depictions of statecharts for testing and simulation.

Status of the GSoC Projects

Please ask on the Commons development mailing list for the status of any of GSoC projects in the Commons Sandbox. Any development discussions or suggestions are also welcome on the developers mailing list.

A Commons Sandbox component is considered inactive if there is no active development for a sustained period of time.