Class Class2HTML

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public class Class2HTML extends Object implements Constants
Read class file(s) and convert them into HTML files. Given a JavaClass object "class" that is in package "package" five files will be created in the specified directory.
  1. "package"."class".html as the main file which defines the frames for the following subfiles.
  2. "package"."class"_attributes.html contains all (known) attributes found in the file
  3. "package"."class"_cp.html contains the constant pool
  4. "package"."class"_code.html contains the byte code
  5. "package"."class"_methods.html contains references to all methods and fields of the class
All subfiles reference each other appropriately, e.g. clicking on a method in the Method's frame will jump to the appropriate method in the Code frame.
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    • Class2HTML

      public Class2HTML(JavaClass javaClass, String dir) throws IOException
      Write contents of the given JavaClass into HTML files.
      javaClass - The class to write
      dir - The directory to put the files in
      IOException - Thrown when an I/O exception of some sort has occurred.
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