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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CODEC-279 Base64.decode fails on Java11 for certain valid base 64 encoded String Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-255 ColognePhonetic handles x incorrectly Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-254 ColognePhonetic does not treat the letter H correctly Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-243 Release 1.11 documentation polishing Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-197 Internal Server Error in Download area Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-170 Link broken in Metaphone Javadoc Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-137 Main documentation page links wrong javadocs Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-108 Base64 encoding issue for larger avi files Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-87 DigestUtils: MD5 checksum is not calculated correctly on linux64-platforms Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-53 build.xml "dist" target refers to ../LICENSE Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-294 Bump maven-antrun-plugin from 1.8 to 3.0.0 Improvement Fixed Closed
CODEC-283 Spring Clean .gitignore Improvement Fixed Closed
CODEC-282 Spring Clean .gitignore Improvement Fixed Closed
CODEC-85 Hex class is inefficient and uses default platform encoding for String <=> byte[] conversions Improvement Fixed Closed
CODEC-238 DigestUtils should make it easier to generate hex strings from MessageDigests and Digest Streams New Feature Fixed Closed
CODEC-67 Fix headerFile location in Checkstyle configuration Task Fixed Closed
CODEC-66 Add bin to svn:ignore Wish Fixed Closed
1.17.0 CODEC-320 Wrong output of DoubleMetaphone in 1.16.1 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.17.0 CODEC-323 Possible Out-of-Memory problem in Apache Commons Codec PhoneticEngine class Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-315 PhoneticEngine.encode throws StringArrayIndexOutOfBoundException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-314 PercentCodec.insertAlwaysEncodeChars throws IndexOutOfBoundException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-313 QuotedPrintableCodec.encodeQuotedPrintable throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-312 MatchRatingApproachEncoder.encode throw StringIndexOutOfBound Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-311 RefinedSoundex.getMappingCode throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-310 Documentation update for the org.apache.commons.codec.digest.* package Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16.1 CODEC-285 Upgrade to JUnit 5 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-305 Base16InputStream skips characters Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-263 Base64.decodeBase64 throw exception Bug Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-301 BaseNCodec: Reduce byte[] allocations by reusing buffers Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-297 Minor improvements Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-295 Minor improvement Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-286 Upgrade to commons-lang v3.12.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-284 Upgrade Hamcrest v2.2 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-253 Upgrade to Java 8 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.16 CODEC-296 Add support for Blake3 family of hashes New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.15 CODEC-292 Misspelling in comments 'They' -> 'The' Improvement Fixed Closed
1.15 CODEC-289 Base32/64Input/OutputStream to allow optional strict/lenient decoding Improvement Fixed Closed
1.15 CODEC-280 Base32/64 to allow optional strict/lenient decoding Improvement Fixed Closed
1.15 CODEC-291 Add Hex encode/decode methods for writing to existing arrays New Feature Fixed Closed
1.15 CODEC-290 Base 16 Input/Output Streams New Feature Fixed Closed
1.14 CODEC-270 Base32 and Base64 still allow decoding some invalid trailing characters Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-269 Allow repeat calls to IncrementalHash32.end() to generate the same value. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-267 MurmurHash3.hash32() does not process trailing bytes as unsigned Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-265 java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-264 murmur3.hash128() does not account for unsigned seed argument Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-261 Unable to encode read-only ByteBuffer Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-259 Broken direct java.nio.ByteBuffer support in org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-278 Deprecate Charset constants in org.apache.commons.codec.Charsets in favor of java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-277 Don't reload standard Charsets in org.apache.commons.codec.Charsets Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-276 Reliance on default encoding in MurmurHash2 and MurmurHash3 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-275 Add missing note in javadoc when sign extension error is present Improvement Fixed Closed
1.14 CODEC-274 Add SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 to DigestUtils for Java 9 and up. New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-273 Add Path APIs to org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils similar to File APIs New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.14 CODEC-272 Add RandomAccessFile digest methods #31 New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.13 CODEC-134 Base32 would decode some invalid Base32 encoded string into arbitrary value Bug Fixed Resolved
1.13 CODEC-257 Update from Java 7 to Java 8 New Feature Fixed Closed
1.13 CODEC-236 Add MurmurHash Implementation New Feature Fixed Closed
Nightly Builds CODEC-98 Base64InputStream causes NullPointerException on some input Bug Fixed Closed
Nightly Builds CODEC-109 Allow the build to run with Maven 2 and Maven 3 with commons-parent 17 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.x CODEC-36 [codec] Support of Base 64 Encoding with URL and Filename Safe Alphabet Improvement Fixed Closed
1.x CODEC-8 REQ: Streaming codecs Improvement Fixed Closed
1.12 CODEC-250 Wrong value calculated by Cologne Phonetic if a special character is placed between equal letters Bug Fixed Closed
1.12 CODEC-252 Make B64 salt generator Random -> ThreadLocalRandom Improvement Fixed Closed
1.12 CODEC-246 ColognePhoneticTest.testIsEncodeEquals missing assertions Improvement Fixed Closed
1.12 CODEC-244 Update from Java 6 to Java 7 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.12 CODEC-251 Add SHA-3 methods in DigestUtils New Feature Fixed Closed
1.12 CODEC-240 Add Percent-Encoding Codec (described in RFC3986 and RFC7578) New Feature Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-232 URLCodec is neither immutable nor threadsafe Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-231 StringUtils.equals(CharSequence cs1, CharSequence cs2) can fail with String Index OBE Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-230 URLCodec.WWW_FORM_URL should be private Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-229 StringUtils.newStringxxx(null) should return null, not NPE Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-225 InputStream not closed Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-221 HmacUtils.updateHmac calls reset() unnecessarily Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-219 Don't deprecate Charsets Charset constants in favor of Java 7's java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets Bug Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-217 Add HmacAlgorithms.HMAC_SHA_224 (Java 8 only) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-209 Javadoc for SHA-224 DigestUtils methods should mention Java 1.8.0 restriction instead of 1.4.0 Bug Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-207 Charsets Javadoc breaks build when using Java 8 Bug Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-200 Base32.HEX_DECODE_TABLE contains the wrong value 32 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-199 Bug in HW rule in Soundex Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-183 BaseNCodecOutputStream only supports writing EOF on close() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-145 Base64.encodeBase64String could better use newStringUsAscii Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-144 BaseNCodec: encodeToString and encodeAsString methods are identical Bug Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-241 Add a copy of XXHash checksum from Compress Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-237 README.md does not have project specific JIRA link Improvement Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-234 Base32.decode should support lowercase letters Improvement Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-224 Add convenience API org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex.encodeHexString(byte[]|ByteBuffer, boolean) Improvement Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-202 Add BaseNCodec.encode(byte[], int, int) input with offset and length parameters for Base64 and Base32 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-193 Support java.nio.ByteBuffer in DigestUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-171 Add support for CRC32-C Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-242 Add Automatic-Module-Name manifest entry for Java 9 New Feature Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-233 Soundex should support more algorithm variants New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-215 Constructors must not call overrideable methods New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-213 Support JEP 287: SHA-3 Hash Algorithms New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-210 Add DigestUtils.getDigest(String, MessageDigest) New Feature Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-208 Make some DigestUtils APIs public New Feature Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-206 Add java.io.File APIs to DigestUtils New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-205 Add faster CRC32 implementation New Feature Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-203 Add convenience method Hex.decodeHex(String) New Feature Fixed Closed
1.11 CODEC-195 Support SHA-224 in DigestUtils on Java 8 New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.11 CODEC-194 Support java.nio.ByteBuffer in org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex New Feature Fixed Resolved