Apache Commons Collections 4.5.0-M1 API

Interfaces and utilities shared across all packages.
Implements the Bag and SortedBag interfaces.
Implements the BidiMap, OrderedBidiMap and SortedBidiMap interfaces.
Collects extensible Bloom filter classes and interfaces.
Implementations of the Collection interface.
Implements the Comparator interface.
Implements the Closure, Predicate, Transformer and Factory interfaces.
Implements the Iterator interface.
Implements collection and map related key/value classes.
Implements the List interface.
Implements the Map, IterableMap, OrderedMap and SortedMap interfaces.
Implements the MultiValuedMap interfaces.
Implements the MultiSet interface.
Extends and customizes the behavior of Properties.
Implements the Queue interface.
Compares two sequences of objects.
Implements the Set, SortedSet and NavigableSet interfaces.
Implements the "split map" concept.
Implements the Trie interface.
Implements KeyAnalyzer.