Interface SortedBidiMap<K,V>

Type Parameters:
K - the type of the keys in the map
V - the type of the values in the map
All Superinterfaces:
BidiMap<K,V>, Get<K,V>, IterableGet<K,V>, IterableMap<K,V>, Map<K,V>, OrderedBidiMap<K,V>, OrderedMap<K,V>, Put<K,V>, SortedMap<K,V>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSortedBidiMapDecorator, DualTreeBidiMap, UnmodifiableSortedBidiMap

public interface SortedBidiMap<K,V> extends OrderedBidiMap<K,V>, SortedMap<K,V>
Defines a map that allows bidirectional lookup between key and values and retains both keys and values in sorted order.

Implementations should allow a value to be looked up from a key and a key to be looked up from a value with equal performance.

  • Method Details

    • inverseBidiMap

      Gets a view of this map where the keys and values are reversed.

      Changes to one map will be visible in the other and vice versa. This enables both directions of the map to be accessed equally.

      Implementations should seek to avoid creating a new object every time this method is called. See AbstractMap.values() etc. Calling this method on the inverse map should return the original.

      Implementations must return a SortedBidiMap instance, usually by forwarding to inverseSortedBidiMap().

      Specified by:
      inverseBidiMap in interface BidiMap<K,V>
      Specified by:
      inverseBidiMap in interface OrderedBidiMap<K,V>
      an inverted bidirectional map
    • valueComparator

      Gets the comparator used for the values in the value-to-key map aspect.
      Comparator<? super V>