Interface IterableGet<K,V>

Type Parameters:
K - the type of the keys in this map
V - the type of the values in this map
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
BidiMap<K,V>, BoundedMap<K,V>, IterableMap<K,V>, IterableSortedMap<K,V>, MultiMap<K,V>, OrderedBidiMap<K,V>, OrderedMap<K,V>, SortedBidiMap<K,V>, Trie<K,V>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractBidiMapDecorator, AbstractBitwiseTrie, AbstractDualBidiMap, AbstractHashedMap, AbstractIterableGetMapDecorator, AbstractIterableMap, AbstractLinkedMap, AbstractMapDecorator, AbstractOrderedBidiMapDecorator, AbstractOrderedMapDecorator, AbstractPatriciaTrie, AbstractReferenceMap, AbstractSortedBidiMapDecorator, AbstractSortedMapDecorator, CaseInsensitiveMap, CompositeMap, DefaultedMap, DualHashBidiMap, DualLinkedHashBidiMap, DualTreeBidiMap, DualTreeBidiMap.ViewMap, FixedSizeMap, FixedSizeSortedMap, Flat3Map, HashedMap, LazyMap, LazySortedMap, LinkedMap, ListOrderedMap, LRUMap, MultiKeyMap, MultiValueMap, PassiveExpiringMap, PatriciaTrie, PredicatedMap, PredicatedSortedMap, ReferenceIdentityMap, ReferenceMap, SingletonMap, StaticBucketMap, TransformedMap, TransformedSortedMap, TransformedSplitMap, TreeBidiMap, UnmodifiableBidiMap, UnmodifiableMap, UnmodifiableOrderedBidiMap, UnmodifiableOrderedMap, UnmodifiableSortedBidiMap, UnmodifiableSortedMap, UnmodifiableTrie

public interface IterableGet<K,V> extends Get<K,V>
The "read" subset of the Map interface.
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  • Method Details

    • mapIterator

      Obtains a MapIterator over the map.

      A map iterator is an efficient way of iterating over maps. There is no need to access the entry set or use Map Entry objects.

       IterableMap<String,Integer> map = new HashedMap<String,Integer>();
       MapIterator<String,Integer> it = map.mapIterator();
       while (it.hasNext()) {
         String key =;
         Integer value = it.getValue();
         it.setValue(value + 1);
      a map iterator