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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
1.15 COMPRESS-421 Archivers TarUtils.parseName does not follow the spec Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-417 Archivers Decompress tar.gz file failed. java.io.Exception:Error detected parsing the header Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-416 Tests failing under jdk 9 : one reflection issue, one change to ZipEntry related issue Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-415 Documentation Wrong class name in one example in the documentation of CPIO format Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-412 NullPointerException defect in ChecksumCalculatingInputStream#getValue() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-411 Archivers TarUtils.formatLongOctalOrBinaryBytes never uses result of formatLongBinary Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-406 BUILDING.md is missing license header Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-396 Build Import-Package for XZ for Java is missing Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-394 Archivers [Zip] Local `Version Needed To Extract` does not match Central Directory Bug Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-413 Build Travis build redundantly repeats compilation and tests redundantly Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-410 Archivers Remove ZipEncoding implementations introduced to work around problems in jdk 1.4 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-403 Archivers Block and Record Size issues in TarArchiveOutputStream Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-400 Archivers It should be possible for users to create and access extra PAX headers to tar archives Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-395 Archivers [Zip] Do not add data descriptor record when CRC and size values are known Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.15 COMPRESS-397 Build Add Automatic-Module-Name to MANIFEST Wish Fixed Resolved