Interface ConfigurationBuilder<T extends ImmutableConfiguration>

Type Parameters:
T - the concrete type of the ImmutableConfiguration class produced by this builder
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
BasicConfigurationBuilder, CombinedConfigurationBuilder, FileBasedConfigurationBuilder, MultiFileConfigurationBuilder, ReloadingCombinedConfigurationBuilder, ReloadingFileBasedConfigurationBuilder, ReloadingMultiFileConfigurationBuilder

public interface ConfigurationBuilder<T extends ImmutableConfiguration> extends EventSource

Definition of an interface for objects that can create ImmutableConfiguration or Configuration objects of a specific type.

This interface defines an abstract way of creating a ImmutableConfiguration object. It does not assume any specific way of how this is done; this is completely in the responsibility of an implementation class. There is just a single method that returns the configuration constructed by this builder.

Note: ImmutableConfiguration is just the base interface for all configuration objects. So that the return type of the getConfiguration() method is ImmutableConfiguration does not mean that only immutable configurations can be created.

  • Method Details

    • getConfiguration

      Gets the configuration provided by this builder. An implementation has to perform all necessary steps for creating and initializing a ImmutableConfiguration object.
      the configuration
      ConfigurationException - if an error occurs