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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CONFIGURATION-708 Build Not able to build the source code Bug Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-651 Configuration 2 does not declare optional imports in OSGI correctly Bug Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-622 Format Writing INI file, keys with . become .. Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-593 Internal Server Error in Download area Bug Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-509 Build Maven central maven-metadata.xml contains only a small subset of available versions Bug Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-491 XMLConfiguration.XMLBuilderVisitor.listDelimiter initial value is always overridden Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-138 [configuration] HierarchicalConfigurationConverter has problems with attributes Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-137 [configuration] Can't add a new property as an attribute in XMLConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-135 [configuration] Invalid resource names in XMLConfiguration generate a NPE Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-134 [configuration] SubsetConfiguration.clear() throws a ConcurrentModificationException Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-133 [configuration][patch] Replace AbstractConfiguration.testBoolean with BooleanUtils.toBooleanObject Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-132 [configuration] HierarchicalConfigurationXMLReader stores comments as text nodes Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-130 [configuration] FileConfiguration - Save problem when embedded spaces are in the path Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-129 [configuration] Comma separation in Strings Bug Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-127 [configuration] Lists in a CompositeConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-125 [configuration] setting non-string values in DatabaseConfiguration always throws ClassCastException Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-123 [configuration] ConfigurationConverter.getProperties() and interpolate behaviour inconsequent with getList() Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-122 [configuration] project.xml contains bad dependencies Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-121 [configuration] Included properties w/ relative path fails in v1.1 Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-120 [configuration] Missing classes after move to commons proper Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-119 [configuration] ConfigurationFactory auto save overwrites properties file Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-118 [configuration] Loading a configuration twice creates duplicate properties Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-117 [configuration] MapConfiguration doesn't support multiple-valued properties Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-116 [configuration] XMLConfiguration doesn't support attribute names with a dot Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-115 [configuration]Documentation updates Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-114 [configuration] Saving XML configurations to another file Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-112 [configuration] JNDI prefix can't be changed once getContext() has been called Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-111 [configuration] addProperty throws a NPE in XMLConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-109 [configuration] XMLConfiguration partially supports List properties Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-106 [configuration] XMLConfiguration.save() does not keep element hierarchy Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-105 [configuration] setUrl and getUrl for FileConfiguration are incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-104 [configuration] Preserve file structure (line comments) when re-saving properties file Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-103 [configuration] subset() method alters XMLConfiguration when invoked Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-101 [configuration] testSaveInvalidURL in TestFileConfiguration fails Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-100 [Configuration] XMLConfiguration.save() drops<! DOCTYPE... > Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-99 [configuration] PropertiesConfiguration doesn't throw exception when path is directory Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-97 [configuration] XMLConfiguration does not correctly handle comma delimited lists Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-96 [configuration] File based configurations throw NPE when file does not exist Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-92 [configuration] XMLConfiguration.clearTree does not Auto Save. Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-91 [configuration] Problem adding property XMLConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-88 [configuration] ClassNotFoundException on Sun App Server Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-87 [configuration] getKeys(String) broken in JNDIConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-86 [configuration] NullPointerException thrown by AbstractFileConfiguration.getFile() Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-85 [configuration] XMLConfiguration does not handle tag names with dots correctly Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-84 [configuration] ConfigurationUtils.copy() does not work for XMLConfigurations with repeated keys Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-83 [configuration] properties file with include in subdir does not work as expected Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-82 [configuration] ServletRequestConfiguration getList null pointer exception Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-81 [configuration] resolveContainerStore doesn't work with arrays Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-80 [configuration] ConfigurationFactory not working as expected with include path resolution Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-76 [configuration] Invalid subsets Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-75 [configuration] HierarchicalXMLConfiguration.setProperty() deletes subelements Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-74 [configuration] getKeys() in HierarchicalConfiguration doesn't preserve the order of the keys Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-71 [configuration] Fake "resources" dependency kills Maven2 Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-69 [configuration] FileChangedReloadingStrategy cannot be resolved or is not a type Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-65 [configuration] XMLConfiguration cannot load from a jar Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-63 [configuration] ConfigurationUtils.locate throws NullPointerException if the context ClassLoader is null Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-57 [configuration] Do not fetch resources-1.0.jar in build.xml Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-47 [configuration] ConfigurationFactory loading from classpath issue Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-44 [configuration] Composite configuration with JNDI logs failed access as ERROR Bug Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-32 [configuration] XMLConfiguration.save() doesn't escape reserved characters Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-31 [configuration] Absolute paths in build.xml Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-29 [configuration] SubsetConfiguration.getKeys() always appends "." delimiter to prefix Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-28 [configuration] Interpolation method returns multi-valued properties Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-25 [configuration] ClassCastException in XMLConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-22 [configuration] JDK 1.3 compatibility Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-21 [configuration] API Javadoc not in sync with jar nor with source code Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-19 [configuration] DataConfiguration.getXXXArray() fails on empty values Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-18 [configuration] DatabaseConfiguration doesn't support List properties Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-15 [configuration] PropertyConfiguration.save() does not take basePath into account Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-13 [configuration] XMLConfiguration ignore a specific encoding in XML declaration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-12 [configuration] fix project.xml to avoid cruft in resulting jar Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-11 [configuration] Unclosed streams in BasePropertiesConfiguration Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-9 [configuration] PropertiesConfiguration doesn't handle trailing backslashes properly Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-8 [configuration] Escaped unicode characters in the key are not unescaped Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-4 [configuration] XMLConfiguration doesn't ignore comments Bug Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-759 Update Spring from 4.3.24.RELEASE to 4.3.25.RELEASE Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-758 Update commons-codec:commons-codec from 1.12 to 1.13. Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-751 Update Apache Commons Text from 1.6 to 1.7. Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-720 Interpolation Replace use of deprecated Commons Lang string substitution code for Commons Text Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-707 Update optional Spring dependencies from 4.3.14.RELEASE to 4.3.18.RELEASE. Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-683 Build Update Spring from 4.3.9.RELEASE to 4.3.13.RELEASE Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-364 Enhance StrSubstitutor to support nested ${var-${subvr}} expansion Improvement Fixed Closed
CONFIGURATION-213 [configuration] Load file configurations from the classpath Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-210 [configuration] Access to top level tag in XMLConfiguration Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-208 [configuration] System property interpolation Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-207 [configuration] Support "!" as a comment marker for PropertiesConfiguration Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-206 [configuration] DTD validation on loading xml based configurations Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-205 [configuration] AbstractConfiguration.addProperty doesn't split arrays Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-199 [configuration][patch] ConfigurationXMLDocument and cleanup Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-195 [configuration] Support the OpenStep property list format Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-194 [configuration][patch] Enhancement: ConfigurationUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-193 [configuration]Added new examples page to documentation Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-191 [configuration] Hexadecimal support Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-190 [configuration] .properties header Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-189 [configuration] Declaring reloadable configurations in the configuration descriptor Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-188 [configuration] Disabling string splitting Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-187 [configuration] Add save() method and comment handling to HierarchicalXMLConfiguration Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-186 [configuration] Provide support for declaring and creating objects Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-185 [configuration] MapConfiguration Improvement Fixed Resolved
CONFIGURATION-184 [configuration] Support escaped separators in keys Improvement Fixed Resolved