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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CRYPTO-129 Change access of instance variables from package private to private (or protected if appropriate) Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-127 CryptoInputStream#read should handle non-block case Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-124 Fix JavaCryptoRandom extend java.util.Random Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-123 Clean CRYPTO build script Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-122 Document Fix CRYPTO website after 1.0.0 Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-119 Fix checkstyle issues Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-118 Fix pmd and findbugs issues Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-117 Define WINDOWS when _WIN64 and CYGWIN defined Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-116 Fix compile error at 64 bits Windows Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-99 Makefile clean removes too much Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-96 OpenSSL Random implementation silently falls back to Java Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-89 more robust native code to eliminate memory leak Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-86 What purpose does the Properties instance serve? Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-85 CryptoCipher ENCRYPT_MODE and DECRYPT_MODE are unnecessary and confusing Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-84 Utils.getJCEProvider belongs in JceCipher class Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-83 Utils.getRandomDevPath should be private method in OsCryptoRandom Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-82 CipherTransformation is an enum which limits the possible transformations Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-81 improve factory api for constructing Random & Cipher Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-80 Fix the PMD error. Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-79 Fix the javadoc based on the checkstyle. Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-77 Hide Stream's Ctor with cipher parameter Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-76 Remove log dependence Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-75 ConfigurationKeys#COMMONS_CRYPTO_CIPHER_CLASSES_DEFAULT is not guaranteed constant Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-72 CryptoCipherFactory.getInstance does unnecessary class instantiation Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-66 Warnings compiling - bootstrap class path not set Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-64 Code uses sun classes Bug Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-152 Bump maven-antrun-plugin from 1.8 to 3.0.0 Improvement Fixed Closed
CRYPTO-91 Drop the fallback property and implementation Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-88 ConfigurationKeys constants could have much shorter names Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-87 Reduce util package API footprint Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-78 Upgrade JDK from 1.6 to 1.7 Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-74 Full class names make code more difficult to update Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-71 Hide the implementation of OpensslCipher Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-69 Build Activate Travis CI Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-67 Makefile should use variable for the source and target Java version Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-56 add informative error message, keep consistent with JDK Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-52 Improve assertion message when test fails due to lack of JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files. Improvement Fixed Resolved
CRYPTO-146 Create new release to major repositories Task Fixed Resolved
1.2.0 CRYPTO-163 Makefile does not recompile objects if local include files are changed Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.0 CRYPTO-160 Package-private class JavaCryptoRandom extends Random but should not Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.0 CRYPTO-155 Minor improvement Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2.0 CRYPTO-154 License header should be a plain comment Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.2.0 CRYPTO-153 Bump coveralls-maven-plugin from 3.1.0 to 4.3.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.2.0 CRYPTO-151 Migrate to Junit 5 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 CRYPTO-149 Cipher Intermittent Failure in GCMCipherTest#testGcmTamperedData() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-141 Native Errors in native code can leave Java wrappers in bad state Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-138 Cipher CipherByteArrayExample fails on openssl 1.1.0g with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-137 Build, Native Error compiling on Win64 with Mingw Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-134 Document CipherByteBufferExample should not truncate the string Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-128 Stream Make constructors of CryptoOutputStream and CryptoInputStream are public Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-125 Stream CryptoOutputStream does not call write in a loop when underlying channel works in non-block mode. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-131 Document Provide FAQ page Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-59 Support Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-139 Add support for AARCH64 New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 CRYPTO-148 Build Releasing Commons Crypto with AArch64 support Task Fixed Closed
1.0.0 CRYPTO-114 exception.c/exception.h are not used Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-113 Improve error reporting by factories Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-108 OpenSSL does not handle Native code loading failure Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-107 NativeCodeLoader fails to handle UnsatisfiedLinkError Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-106 CryptoRandomFactory only handles ClassCast and ClassNotFound Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-103 NativeCodeLoader.getVersion() is not needed Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-102 Makefile.common defines JAVA/JAVAH/JAVAC incorrectly for Windows Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-101 Makefile does not use correct PATH separator for Windows Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-98 Makefile does not use MVN or TAR variables Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-97 Code uses System.err/System.out Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-95 Code should never catch Throwable Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-94 Consistently camel-case type names Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.0 CRYPTO-93 add a factory method to provide simpler API Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-90 Utils loads system properties during class loading Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-65 Warnings compiling on MacOSX - JNIEXPORT redefined Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-61 possible NPE in OpensslCryptoRandom if OpensslCryptoRandomNative.nextRandBytes fails Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-45 Document Document how to build Commons Crypto Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-39 Fix code style violation Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-36 Document Fix crypto web link Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-34 SecureRandom JavaSecureRandom should throw Exception if it cannot create the instance Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-33 SecureRandom SecureRandom shadows JVM class Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-32 Build Add missing @Overrides Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-30 Stream Mutable fields should be private Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-29 Cipher Make sure Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE is consistent with JDK Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-27 Document Sync Javadoc of stream in stream package Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-26 Document Utility classes should not have public constructors Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-25 Document Add download_crypto.cgi to exclude list of rat check Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-8 Document, Stream Add the package-info for input, output and stream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-3 Cipher Change default cipher as OpensslCipher Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-1 Prepare Apache Commons Crypto for Apache release Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-112 OpenSslCipher.loadingFailureReason should be a Throwable Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-105 Eliminate Configuration class Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-100 Makefile does not need to include VERSION file Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-92 Handling default properties; allow SystemProperties to be ignored Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-68 Build, Document Enable common code quality reports Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-63 Add JNA binding Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-62 Add multithreaded related tests and javadoc comments Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-58 Build Generate VERSION file using maven build Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-57 Build Fix build on Mac OS Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-42 Native Remove the header files required for cross platform compilation Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-40 Cipher, SecureRandom, Stream Remove the full qualified package name for shadowed classes Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-35 Document Update the issue-tracking.xml file Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-31 Stream Make fields final wherever possible Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-13 Cipher The API differences between apache.commons.crypto and JCE Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.0 CRYPTO-12 Stream Rename CryptoInputStream to CipherInputStream and CryptoOutputStream to CipherOutputStream Improvement Fixed Resolved