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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CSV-244 Test case failures following CSVFormat#equals() update Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-243 CSVFormat withTrim() and withIgnoreSurroundingSpaces() need better docs Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-242 CSVFormat equals() and hashCode() don't use all fields Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-235 Parser WRONG Implementation for RFC4180 Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-221 Documentation Links to Javadoc for 1.5 give a 404 Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-213 Parser CSVParser#iterator()#hasNext() fails Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-186 SIte archives archive links don't work Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-144 Documentation Broken link on project's nav panel, for item "Javadoc 1.1" Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-98 Line number counting is confusing Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-90 CSVFormat isEscaping/isEncapsulating are not public Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-87 CSVParser.getRecords() returns null rather than empty List at EOF Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-82 CSVRecord inconsistent behaviour when header mapping is not found Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-80 CSVLexer.nextToken does not need wsBuf Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-79 CSVFormat.isCommentingDisabled() is confusing/confused Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-77 RFC 4180 (DEFAULT) format is wrong; should not ignore spaces or blank lines Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-75 ExtendedBufferReader does not handle EOL consistently Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-72 CSVFormat.DEFAULT should be renamed as RFC4180 Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-67 UnicodeUnescapeReader should not be applied before parsing Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-60 CSVParser.iterator().remove() should throw throw new UnsupportedOperationException() Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-24 Remove stdout from tests Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-19 Nightly Maven repository deployment Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-18 CharBuffer is too slow. Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-17 [PATCH] CSV can't handle missing entries in the Map - or non-String map values Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-14 backslash before quote character gives an error Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-10 CSVParser allow strategy in constructor Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-9 CSVStrategy.clone() Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-8 Excel strategy separator error Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-7 Parser CSVParser.getLine() blocks until char after eol is recieved. Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-6 Build ant javadoc fails Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-260 Parser Replace Assertions.notNull with Objects.requireNonNull Improvement Fixed Closed
CSV-188 Parser Returns headers as list Improvement Fixed Closed
CSV-117 Parser Validate format parameters in constructor Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-115 Simplify boolean expressions in CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-85 Allow comments to be returned in CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-81 Token.Type.isReady could perhaps be removed Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-74 CSVFormat definitions are difficult to read and maintain Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-57 Parser CSVParser.getRecords() contract is confusing Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-175 Parser Support for ignoring trailing delimiter New Feature Fixed Resolved
CSV-139 Printer CSVPrinter.printRecord(ResultSet) with metadata New Feature Fixed Resolved
CSV-252 Build Upgrade test framework to JUnit 5 Jupiter Task Fixed Resolved
CSV-69 Eliminate CSVPrinterTest.equals(String[][], String[][]) by using Assert.assertArrayEquals Test Fixed Resolved
CSV-95 Create a git mirror for CSV Wish Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-265 Parser CSV comments break CSVRecord#getCharacterPosition Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-263 Printer Print from Reader with embedded quotes generates incorrect output Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-259 Printer CSVFormat.printWithEscapes throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when value is Reader Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-211 CSVFormat.format trims last delimiter if the delimiter is a white space Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-195 Parser Parser iterates over the last CSV Record twice. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-158 Parser Fix EOL checking for read array in ExtendedBufferedReader Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-149 Parser Line number is not proper at EOF Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-148 Printer Add test cases for withIgnoreSurroundingSpaces() and withTrim() #70 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-284 Formalize PerformanceTest Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-283 Remove Whitespace Check Determines Delimiter Twice Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-282 Document and Automate CSV Benchmark Harness Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-275 Parser Make CSVRecord.toList() public Improvement Fixed Closed
1.9.0 CSV-267 Minor improvements Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-253 Parser Handle absent values in input (null) Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-206 Add support for String delimiters #76 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-184 Parser Make the method CSVRecord#putIn(Map) public Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-93 Documentation, Parser, Printer Allow the handling of NULL values Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9.0 CSV-123 Printer Add possibility to use ResultSet header meta data as CSV header New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.8 CSV-248 CSVRecord is not Serializable Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 CSV-247 A single empty header is allowed when not allowing empty column headers. Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 CSV-245 Post 1.7 release fixes. Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 CSV-241 CSVFormat#valiadte() does not account for allowDuplicateHeaderNames #43 Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 CSV-255 Add CSVRecord.isSet(int) method #52 New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.x CSV-64 Printer CSVPrinter does not distinguish null and the empty string Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 CSV-240 Documentation Links for JavaDoc broken on web site Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 CSV-238 Escape quotes in CLOBs Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CSV-232 Documentation Site link "Source Repository" does not work Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CSV-208 Parser Fix escape character for POSTGRESQL_TEXT and POSTGRESQL_CSV formats. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 CSV-239 Parser Cannot get headers in column order from CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 CSV-237 Update to Java 8 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CSV-234 Printer Add support for java.sql.Clob Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 CSV-233 Add predefined CSVFormats for printing MongoDB CSV and TSV New Feature Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-224 Parser Some multi-iterator parsing peek sequences incorrectly consume elements Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-223 Documentation Inconsistency between Javadoc of CSVFormat DEFAULT EXCEL Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-219 Printer The behavior of quote char using is not similar as Excel does when the first string contains CJK char(s) Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-217 Printer Add autoFlush option for CSVPrinter Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-231 Add more documentation to CSVPrinter Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-225 Parser Parse method should avoid creating a redundant BufferedReader Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-209 Parser, Printer Create CSVFormat.ORACLE preset Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-172 Don't quote cells just because they have UTF-8 encoded characters Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CSV-220 Printer Add API org.apache.commons.csv.CSVFormat.withSystemRecordSeparator() New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-203 Printer withNullString value is printed without quotes when QuoteMode.ALL is specified; add QuoteMode.ALL_NON_NULL Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-194 Documentation Fix outdated comments about FileReader in CSVParser #13 Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-193 Documentation Fix incorrect method name 'withFirstRowAsHeader' in user guide Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-171 Negative numeric values in the first column are always quoted in minimal mode Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-214 Parser Adding a placeholder in the Lexer and CSV parser to store the end-of-line string Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-207 Printer Provide a CSV Format for printing PostgreSQL CSV and Text formats Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-201 Parser Do not use RuntimeException in CSVParser.iterator().new Iterator() {...}.getNextRecord() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-189 Parser CSVParser: Add factory method accepting InputStream Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-187 Update platform requirement from Java 6 to 7 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-205 Printer Add convenience API CSVFormat#printer() to print to System.out New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-192 Parser Add convenience API CSVParser.parse(Path, Charset, CSVFormat) New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-191 Printer Add convenience API CSVFormat.print(Path, Charset) New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CSV-190 Printer Add convenience API CSVFormat.print(File, Charset) New Feature Fixed Closed
1.4 CSV-182 Printer Allow some printing operations directly from CSVFormat Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4, 1.4.1 CSV-181 Printer Make CSVPrinter.print(Object) GC-free Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 CSV-183 Build Drop ferc.gov tests Task Fixed Closed
1.3 CSV-170 Parser, Printer CSVFormat.MYSQL nullString should be "\N" Bug Fixed Closed