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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
2.1 DBCP-434 Disable JMX for Statement Pool Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-433 Connection leak when SQLException is thrown while enlisting in XA transaction Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-432 BasicDataSource createDataSource can return partially initialized DataSource Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-428 Unsuccessful Connection enlistment in XA Transaction ignored by TransactionContext Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-426 DBCP should allow clients to mark connections as invalid Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-420 InstanceKeyDataSource discards native SQLException when given password does not match password used to create the connection Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-412 dbcp2.PoolableConnection.close raises NullPointerException Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-435 [PATCH] Friendly BasicDataSourceFactory Improvement Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-424 validateLifetime causes needless warnings about swallowed exceptions to be logged Improvement Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-423 PoolingDataSource should implement Closeable Improvement Fixed Closed
2.1 DBCP-422 Update Apache Commons Logging to 1.2 from 1.1.3 Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0.1 DBCP-418 Cannot Disable JMX Bug Fixed Closed
2.0.1 DBCP-417 BasicManagedDataSource does not free connection after transaction is commited Bug Fixed Closed
2.0.1 DBCP-414 PoolablePreparedStatement can get closed while it's being used Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-425 Example code for pooling driver should be fixed. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-411 BasicManagedDataSource - unregister from JMX on close() Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-410 build.xml: wrong path for javadoc.overview Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-404 Mutable fields should be private Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-403 DelegatingStatement.close() fails with NPE if statement is null Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-385 Please update to support Java 7 and JDBC 4.1 Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-384 PoolingDriver.accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed is thread-hostile Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-358 Equals implementations in DelegatingXxx classes are not symmetric Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-351 setAutoCommit called too many times Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-322 CPDSConnectionFactory.validateObject(Object) ignores Throwable Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-317 Findbugs: Class doesn't override equals in superclass Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-143 [dbcp] SQLNestedException thrown by server causes client ClassNotFoundException. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-406 Support for caching statements with autogenerated keys Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-402 Add a way to set an instance of java.sql.Driver directly on org.apache.commons.dbcp2.BasicDataSource Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-373 Ability to configure upper bound on total number of connections managed by pooled data sources across all keys (user/password). Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-364 BasicDataSourceFactory#createDataSource return signature should be BasicDataSourceFactory so that caller can invoke methods not declared in DataSource (e.g., close()) Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-357 Connection validationQuery mechanism should be replaced by new method connection#isValid() Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-340 setQueryTimeout(int) should be set through property. Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-319 Make private fields final where possible Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-300 remove synchronize access of createDataSource Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-260 borrowObject from the AbandonedObjectPool hangs on a wait() method when the WHEN_EXHAUSTED_BLOCK is set Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-246 Logging For DBCP Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-234 Only set *configured* default values for Connection Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-210 Have dbcp close pooled prepared statements after some settable time limit Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-180 [dbcp] Dbcp doesn't meet JDBC specification Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-177 [dbcp] redesign to use dbcp with security manager Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-156 [dbcp] Specifying the maximum lifetime of a connection Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-154 [dbcp] PoolableConnectionFactory.validateConnection() should log exception message Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-368 determine which connections to hold in pool by relative value New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-292 Adds an mbean for exposing metrics around a BasicDataSource via JMX New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-249 Validate connection only on create. New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-229 Track callers of active connections for debugging New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-223 Auto-alert of connection pool critical events? New Feature Fixed Closed
2.0 DBCP-219 how to kill a connection from the connection pool without shutting down the connection pool New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-400 The documentation of maxOpenPreparedStatements parameter seems to be wrong Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-391 Close on invalid connections throws unexpected exception Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-382 Could not set flag "accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed" in "context.xml" for DriverAdapterCPDS/PerUserPoolDataSource Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-376 Thread safety issue Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-372 Statement Leak occurs when batch update is used. Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-369 Exception when using SharedPoolDataSource concurrently Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-355 DataSourceXAConnectionFactory does not store the XAConnection Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-341 LocalXAConnectionFactory does not properly check if Xid is equal to currentXid when resuming Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-309 First example for FSContext is invalid Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-380 DelegatingConnection isWrapperFor dies on older JDBC drivers Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-347 DelegatingStatement class has incomplete isWrapperFor method Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-405 getAutoCommit in PoolableConnectionFactory Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-396 AbandonedConfig.setLogWriter() never used Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5.1, 2.0 DBCP-392 Remove Occurrences of Multiple Statements on One Line Improvement Fixed Closed