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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
DBUTILS-122 getParameterMetaData Exception Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-81 DbUtils.loadDriver() uses Class.forName() Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-80 DbUtils.loadDriver catches Throwable Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-71 insert error Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-49 QueryRunner - fillStatement method does not work for PostgreSQL database drivers Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-44 QueryRunner#fillStatement setNull all database fix proposal Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-41 Inserting/updating null in a timestamp field with PostgreSQL 8.x Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-39 setNull with Postgres in QueryRunner Bug Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-149 Resolve bugs when upgrading to Spotbugs 4.7.3 Improvement Fixed Resolved
DBUTILS-14 [dbutils] fillPreparedStatement Improvement Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-68 Examples on main page are not generic and produce unchecked warning Task Fixed Closed
DBUTILS-35 Can somebody upload commons-dbutils 1.1 sources jar to the apache repository Task Fixed Closed
1.8.1 DBUTILS-151 Module org.apache.commons.dbutils does not declare `uses` Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-143 Don't close connection if provided Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-138 org.apache.commons.dbutils.QueryRunner.query(Connection, boolean, String, ResultSetHandler<T>, Object...) Exception in closing statement leave connections open Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-137 Inefficient allocation of Maps in org.apache.commons.dbutils.BasicRowProcessor.toMap(ResultSet) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-136 CaseInsensitiveHashMap cannot be accessed by subclasses of BasicRowProcessor; add org.apache.commons.dbutils.BasicRowProcessor.createCaseInsensitiveHashMap(int) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-135 BeanProcessor is not thread safe since [DBUTILS-124] Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-139 Update Java requirement from version 6 to 7. Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8.0 DBUTILS-131 Speedup query calls without parameters Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 DBUTILS-144 RowProcessor.asMap is invalid for multiple computed columns with no aliases Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 DBUTILS-109 AbstractExecutor.currentPosition should be an int Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 DBUTILS-148 Update deprecated Mockito.initMocks Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 DBUTILS-95 Remove all of the deprecated code Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 DBUTILS-92 Align maven groupId with rest of the apache commons projects Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 DBUTILS-112 Provide DbUtils.rollbackQuietly() method Wish Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-119 Correct errors in BeanMapHandler JavaDoc Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-121 Allow influencing the setter method used Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-115 Enhance BeanProcessor to support Joda DateTime Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-82 Change BeanListHandler to be able to handle to list of the bean's super class or interface Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-70 add setQueryTimeout support to QueryRunner Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-124 Introduce SPI to add more column, property handlers New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-89 Add method in BeanProcessor to populate an existing bean New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.7 DBUTILS-50 Support CallableStatement "out" parameters New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.6 DBUTILS-118 BeanProcessor not returning nanoseconds Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-117 Error handling possible getParameterMetaData() results Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 DBUTILS-114 Order of columns not retained in BasicRowProcessor with HashMap Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-96 DbUtils#loadDriver(ClassLoader,String) makes DriverManager throwing "No suitable driver found for jdbc" if ClassLoader is not the System's one Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-113 Add support for conversion of ResultSet strings to enums in the BeanProcessor Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-110 ArrayHandler should return an empty array when handle has no rows Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-108 Create functionality to return auto-generated keys in batches of SQL inserts Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-107 Patch QueryLoader to also load from XML properties files Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6, 2.0 DBUTILS-106 DBUtils can't build using JDK 1.7 - DriverProxy needs to implement getParentLogger() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6, 2.0 DBUTILS-103 fix Dependencies documentation to reference correct Java version Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-100 columnLabel and columnname Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6, 2.0 DBUTILS-85 In BeanProcessor#isCompatibleType, can Integer.class.isInstance(value) be replaced by value instanceof Integer (etc)? Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-97 Add an Abstract ResultSetHandler implementation in order to reduce redundant 'resultSet' variable invocation New Feature Fixed Closed
1.6 DBUTILS-98 Add missing JavaDoc to QueryRunner#insert Task Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-93 Source assembly artifact fails to build a site because of missing pmd-ruleset.xml Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-73 .BasicRowProcessor.CaseInsensitiveHashMap uses default Locale for toLowerCase Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-91 Enhance BasicRowProcessor to have row mapping easier to configure Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-84 BeanProcessor method processColumn should take SQLXML in consideration Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-66 ScalarHandler, ColumnHandler and KeyedHandler are missing generics Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-76 New handler StringColumnListHandler New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-67 Add a BeanMapHandler New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-88 Make AsyncQueryRunner be a decorator around a QueryRunner Task Fixed Closed
1.5 DBUTILS-94 Provide test coverage for org.apache.commons.dbutils.DbUtils Test Fixed Closed
1.4 DBUTILS-79 fillStatement doesn't complain when there are too few parameters Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 DBUTILS-65 Duplicate code introduced during Java 1.5 branch merge Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 DBUTILS-75 efficient usage from findbugs Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 DBUTILS-78 Add asynchronous batch, query, and update calls New Feature Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-63 SqlNullCheckedResultSet exposes internal representation Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-61 Backwards binary compatibility broken in KeyedHandler Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-57 BeanProcessor not able to map an alias column from a HSQLDB query to the any bean properties Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-56 QueryRunner exception using Oracle: Too many parameters: expected 0, was given 1 Query: ... Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-60 Enhance message in QueryRunner#rethrow for Batch Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-58 QueryRunner: Allow to completly disable use of PreparedStatement#getParameterMetaData Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-48 Java 1.5 generics and varargs New Feature Fixed Closed
1.3 DBUTILS-62 Fix example page according to Java 5 version Task Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-52 QueryRunner is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-40 NullPointerException occured at rethrow method Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-36 Add serialVersionUID to BasicRowProcessor.CaseInsensitiveHashMap Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-51 Make classes immutable where possible to improve thread-safety Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-42 Object with Long or Decimal got initial zero value while database field is null Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-38 example documentation page, update query Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-37 BeanListHandler#handle(ResultSet) is not optimal Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-34 BasicRowProcessor loses any information on database field case Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-33 Consdier making GenericListHandler public Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-31 fillStatement setNull bug with the Derby JDBC driver Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 DBUTILS-29 [dbutils] Support bean property to SQL IN parameter mapping Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-32 Tests fail to build under 1.6, and warning while compiling source Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-9 [dbutils] MockResultSet needs to handle equals and hashCode Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-7 [dbutils] MockResultSet: Throw UnsupportedOperationException for not implemented methods Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-5 [dbutils] vendorCode and SQLState not included in SQLException Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-4 [dbutils] ResultSetIterator should rethrow SQLExceptions as RuntimException Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-3 [dbutils] Setting bean properties fails silently Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-2 [dbutils] QueryLoader cannot locate properties file on weblogic Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-1 [dbutils] BeanListHandler and BeanHandler fail to support java.sql.Date() Bug Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-26 [dbutils] Oracle 9.2.0 JDBC Timestamp Problem Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-25 [dbutils] Proposal for a set of new ResultSetHandlers Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-23 [dbutils] Updated docs for example.html page (select AS) Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-22 [dbutils] QueryLoader.loadQueries() should be protected Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-21 [dbutils] Add protected QueryRunner.prepareConnection() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-20 [dbutils] Implement Pluggable Adaptors to Make BeanHandler Smarter Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-18 [dbutils] Allow user to provide type information for input parameters Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-16 [dbutils] ResultSetRowProcessor abstract handler and some classes rework Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-15 [dbutils] Patch for extending BasicRowProcessor Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-13 [dbutils] Add QueryRunner.batch() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-12 [dbutils] Protected QueryRunner.close() methods Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 DBUTILS-11 [dbutils] ColumnListHandler implementation Improvement Fixed Closed