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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
EMAIL-172 Grammar error in comment Bug Fixed Resolved
EMAIL-43 [email] updates to tests, etc. Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-42 [email] All exceptions seem to be thrown as messagingExceptions Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-41 [email] Problems with GUMP builds and other tests during compile Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-39 [email] Style only changes Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-38 [Email] Add Email to Component List in Bugzilla Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-37 [email] commons-email does not work using mailSession in tomcat Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-34 [email] Allow access to MimeMessage from Email class Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-33 Unit tests and some minor code improvements to [email] project Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-32 [email] tests fail on Unix c/o port settings Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-30 [email] Unit tests a tricky to modify and see whats going on Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-27 [email] further improvements to test code and removal of emails validation Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-26 [email] Bad Exception message when using a supplied MailSession Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-24 [email][PATCH] Refactor Hashtable usage to Map Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-23 [email] [patch] HTML email with plain text alternative and attachments Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-21 [email] add to nightly builds Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-19 [email] Inline attatchment encoding was incorrect Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-18 [email] Minor Update Add Issue tracking URL to doco Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-16 [email] Issue with cid URLs generated by .embed(...) in HtmlEmail.java Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-15 [email] Bug when using a mail session with authentification Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-13 [email][PATCH] Additional "To", "Cc" and "Bcc" setters Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-12 [email] Patch to remove commons-lang dependency Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-10 [email][PATCH] Resolve checkstyle errors Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-9 [email] Issue with host settings in a shared Server environment Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-8 [email] Can't supply a javax.mail.Session to Commons Email componenet Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-7 [email] Add embed(String url, String name) method to HtmlEmail Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-3 [email] byte array attachments Bug Fixed Closed
EMAIL-58 [Email] Add JUnit Test Case for Invalid Addresses Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-57 [email] pop3 before smtp Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-55 [email] Support SMTP Envelope From (bounce address) Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-51 [email] Improve MultiPartEmail to ease extending Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-49 [Email] Compatability With JavaMail 1.2 Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-48 [email] API for TLS authentication and JNDI mail session integration Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-45 [email] Please add Email.setReplyTo( java.util.Collection aCollection ) Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-44 [email] - being able to specify the port number Improvement Fixed Closed
EMAIL-59 SSL Support New Feature Fixed Closed
EMAIL-119 Sonar Review #5 - System Println Task Fixed Closed
EMAIL-99 The 1.2 javadocs on the website are out of date Task Fixed Closed
1.6 EMAIL-176 Add Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for Java 9 compatibility New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-169 MimeMessageUtils.writeMimeMessage writes stacktrace Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-167 DataSourceClassPathResolver doesn't close InputStream when resolving resources Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-162 Remove usage of deprecated constants in Email.java Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-161 Remove "javax.activation" dependency Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-160 Add Support for International Domain Names Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-154 Add Email#getHeader(String) and Email#getHeaders() methods Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.5 EMAIL-165 Upgrade from javax.mail-1.5.5 to 1.5.6 Task Fixed Resolved
1.4 EMAIL-151 ImageHtmlEmail uses wrong name for embed() call Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-149 EmailConstants.MAIL_SMTP_FROM value is incorrect Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-147 HtmlMail Incompatible with geronimo JavaMail 1.4_mail-1.8.* Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-142 HtmlEmail with both html and text provided has invalid content-type Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-146 bounceAddress does not have a getter Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-145 Update slf4j-jdk14 from 1.6.1 to 1.7.7. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-144 Update Oracle Mail from 1.4.5 to 1.5.2. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 EMAIL-141 Provide mapping between cid and attachment name/datasource Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3.3 EMAIL-140 Cannot build with Java 8 Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.3 EMAIL-137 MimeMessageParser throws ClassCastException for HtmlEmail Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.3 EMAIL-136 Fix Javadoc 1.8 errors Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.2 EMAIL-132 Can't delivery to another recipients when send mail to one recipient failed Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.2 EMAIL-131 MimeMessageParser not able to read the inline attachments. Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.2 EMAIL-127 ImageHtmlEmail: Dollar or Backslash in certain places in <img ... src...>-tags causes exceptions "IllegalArgumentException: Illegal group reference" Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.2 EMAIL-104 The system property "mail.mime.charset" is not applied to contents. Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.2 EMAIL-135 Make DataSourceUrlResolver#createUrl() protected Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3.1 EMAIL-125 DataSourceClassPathResolver on ImageHtmlEmail with multiple image in template don't work Bug Fixed Closed
1.3.1 EMAIL-124 Header values are folded twice and thus creating defective emails Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-120 attach(DataSource xx) doesn't close inputstream Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-116 DataSourceCompositeResolver.getDataSourceResolvers() fails to clone DataSourceResolver[] Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-113 Maven Site fails with error in Checkstyle configuration Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-112 DataSourceFileResolverTest fails under IBM JDK 1.4 and 1.6 running on Windows Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-107 wrong content-type for embedded PNG images Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-106 STARTTLS is only enabled if an authenticator is used Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-102 HtmlEmail embed toLowerCase bug Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-101 Specified Content-ID is not used when embedding a File object in an HtmlEmail Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-96 Email.getMailSession() is a mess Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-95 content duplicated with UTF8 encoding Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-91 Incorrect SMTP Port number shown in error message when an email fails to send due to a blocked port and SSL is used. Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-76 Some setters of class Email does not return "this". Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-122 Upgrade source/binary compatibility to JDK 1.5 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-117 EmailException.JDK_SUPPORTS_NESTED is not needed any more Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-114 Methods to add multiple To, cc, Bcc is desired Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-108 HtmlmageEmail should support class path resources Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-105 Clarify names for SSL and TLS Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-103 Plain email addresses always have a name set Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-100 The default connection timeout should be set to a reasonable default value Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-98 Encoding and folding of headers should not be left to the user Improvement Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-92 Improve support to embed images in HTML eMails New Feature Fixed Closed
1.3 EMAIL-111 Update the current trunk to be binary compatible with the commons-email-1.2 release Task Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-80 Message incorrectly displayed on outlook and Outlook Web access Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-79 SimpleEmail#setMsg() with UTF-8 content honors correct charset in header, but doesn't encode the content correctly Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-77 HTML Email with attachment is broken on some mail clients (Thunderbird) Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-75 Email.setFrom, addTo should use Email.charset Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-71 Email.getHostName() throws NullPointerException Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-70 Email.setMailSession() discards provided session if using authentication Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-69 HtmlEmail generated email don't display in Macos X Mail.app Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-65 MIME layout generated by HtmlEmail causes trouble Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-87 HtmlEmail invokes java.net.URL.equals(Object), which blocks to do domain name resolution Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-85 Email Needs Accessors for BCC, CC, TO Recipients Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-84 Support timeout settings Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-81 Add getTo and getReplyTo to Email class Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-78 Better error message in MultiPartEmail.attach() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 EMAIL-74 Create an overridable method in Email.java to create the MimeMessage instance Improvement Fixed Closed