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Packages that use ProxyInputStream This package provides implementations of input classes, such as InputStream and Reader

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 class AutoCloseInputStream
          Proxy stream that closes and discards the underlying stream as soon as the end of input has been reached or when the stream is explicitly closed.
 class BOMInputStream
          This class is used to wrap a stream that includes an encoded ByteOrderMark as its first bytes.
 class CloseShieldInputStream
          Proxy stream that prevents the underlying input stream from being closed.
 class CountingInputStream
          A decorating input stream that counts the number of bytes that have passed through the stream so far.
 class SwappedDataInputStream
          DataInput for systems relying on little endian data formats.
 class TaggedInputStream
          An input stream decorator that tags potential exceptions so that the stream that caused the exception can easily be identified.
 class TeeInputStream
          InputStream proxy that transparently writes a copy of all bytes read from the proxied stream to a given OutputStream.

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