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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
IO-672 Utilities Copying a File sets last modified date to 01 January 1970 Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-603 Maven dependency version Bug Fixed Closed
IO-602 Utilities listFiles(File directory, IOFileFilter fileFilter, IOFileFilter dirFilter) does not recurse into subdirectories Bug Fixed Closed
IO-589 Some tests fail if the base path contains a space Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-483 Utilities getPrefixLength return -1 if unix file contains colon Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-370 Utilities Links are broken on User Guide.... Bug Fixed Closed
IO-347 commons-io:commons-io:1.3.2 POM incorrectly deployed under org.apache.commons Bug Fixed Closed
IO-659 Upgrade to commons-lang v3.9 Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-654 Spring Clean .gitignore Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-653 Spring Clean .gitignore Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-632 Add PathUtils for operations on NIO Path Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-635 Utilities Add and reuse org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.close(Closeable) New Feature Fixed Closed
IO-607 Update from Java 7 to Java 8 New Feature Fixed Resolved
IO-521 Add InfiniteCircularInputStream New Feature Fixed Closed
IO-601 Utilities requesting 2.6 tag for Commons IO's release version 2.6 Task Fixed Resolved
2.11.0 IO-741 Utilities FileUtils.listFiles does not list matching files if File parameter is a symbolic link Bug Fixed Resolved
2.11.0 IO-724 Utilities FileUtils.deleteDirectory javadoc is inaccurate for nonexistent directory Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-740 Filters RegexFileFilter matches on full path instead of filename Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-739 Filters RegexFileFilter matches on path instead of name Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-738 com.sun.nio should be an optional import Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-737 Filters RegexFileFilter is broken, matches against path (and not filename) Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-734 The OSGi manifest now contains sun.* packages in the Import-Package instruction Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-733 RegexFileFilter uses the path and file name instead of just the file name. Bug Fixed Closed
2.10.0 IO-585 FilenameUtils#normalizeNoEndSeparator does not sanitize multiple backslashes directly after the colon in windows file paths Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-735 2.9.0 breaks OSGi with new Import-Package header Bug Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-719 Utilities PathUtils.copyDirectory() does not work when source and dest belong to different file systems Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-718 Utilities FileUtils.checksumCRC32 and FileUtils.checksum are not thread safe Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-705 MarkShieldInputStream#reset should throw UnsupportedOperationException Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-703 FileUtils.directoryContains shall throw NullPointerException for null inputs Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-702 Utilities FileUtils.forceDelete does not delete invalid links Bug Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-701 Utilities PathUtils.setReadOnly do not deal with LinuxDosFileAttributeView Bug Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-700 Add FileUtils.moveFile(srcFile, dstFile, CopyOption...) Bug Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-696 IOUtils.toByteArray throws inconsistent exceptions Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-694 Utilities Behaviour change in FileUtils.copyDirectory() file last modified date/times preservation Bug Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-692 PathUtils delete throws an exception when deleting a symlink that points to a file that does not exist Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-690 IOUtils.toByteArray(null) no longer throws a NullPointerException Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-689 Utilities All new FileUtils methods do a useless Instant->ZonedDateTime->Instant roundtrip Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-688 Utilities CopyUtils deprecation message gives wrong version Bug Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-686 Utilities IOUtils.toByteArray(InputStream) Javadoc does not match code Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-661 Utilities FileUtils throws inconsistent exceptions Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-600 getPrefixLength returns wrong length on linux for filename "C:" Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-597 Utilities FileUtils.iterateFiles goes out of memory when executed for a directory with large number of files Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-522 Utilities Symbolic links get followed in deleteQuietly Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-429 Utilities ByteArrayOutputStream can overflow Bug Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-720 fix error about usage of DirectBuffer in jdk 16/17 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-693 Utilities FileUtils.deleteDirectory & PathUtils.deleteDirectory are behaving differently Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-685 Utilities LineReader to implement AutoCloseable Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-651 Streams/Writers Provide method to retrieve data from DeferredFileOutputStream as InputStream Improvement Fixed Closed
2.9.0 IO-709 Utilities Add null safe variants of isDirectory and isRegularFile New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.9.0 IO-706 Streams/Writers TimedOutputStream/TimedInputStream New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-684 Utilities Add force version of PathUtils.delete() APIs and friends. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-683 CircularBufferInputStream.read() fails to convert byte to unsigned int Bug Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-679 Streams/Writers input.AbstractCharacterFilterReader passes count of chars read to filter, not the filter char Bug Fixed Closed
2.8.0 IO-677 FileSystem.getCurrent() does not return the correct enum Bug Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-675 Streams/Writers InfiniteCircularInputStream throws a divide-by-zero exception when reading if its input buffer is size 0 Bug Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-674 Streams/Writers InfiniteCircularInputStream is not infinite if its input buffer contains -1 Bug Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-681 IOUtils.close(Closeable) should allow a list of closeables Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-676 Utilities Add isFileNewer() and isFileOlder() methods that support the Java 8 Date/Time API. Improvement Fixed Closed
2.8.0 IO-673 Make some simplifications Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-669 fix code smells; fix typos Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.8.0 IO-657 Update to Jacoco v0.8.5 Improvement Fixed Closed
2.8.0 IO-656 Upgrade to JUnit v5.6.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-665 XmlStreamReader throws IOException stream closed on null input stream Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-644 NPE in org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.contentEqualsIgnoreEOL(File, File) when only one input is null Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-643 NPE in org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.contentEquals(File, File) when only one input is null Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-642 NPE in org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.contentEqualsIgnoreEOL(Reader, Reader) when only one input is null Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-641 NPE in org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.contentEquals(Reader, Reader) when only one input is null Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-640 NPE in org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.contentEquals(InputStream, InputStream) when only one input is null Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-626 Utilities A mistake in the FilenameUtils.concat()'s Javadoc about an absolute path. Bug Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-625 Utilities FileUtils.copyDirectoryToDirectory does not reflect srcDir in exception message when srcDir is not a directory Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-604 FileUtils.doCopyFile(File, File, boolean) can throw ClosedByInterruptException Bug Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-594 Add IOUtils copy methods with java.lang.Appendable as the target Bug Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-582 Streams/Writers ObservableInputStream.Observer are package-private Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-578 Utilities ReversedLinesFileReader cannot be used with non-default file systems on Java 7+ Bug Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-570 Utilities Missing Javadoc in FilenameUtils causing Travis-CI build to fail Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-559 Utilities FilenameUtils.normalize should verify hostname syntax in UNC path Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-557 Streams/Writers UnsupportedEncodingException when opening an ISO-8859-1 XML stream with Turkish as the default locale Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-554 Streams/Writers FileUtils.copyToFile(InputStream source, File destination) should not close input stream Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-535 Utilities Thread bug in FileAlterationMonitor#stop(int) Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-666 Normalize internal buffers to 8192 bytes Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-664 org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.copyURLToFile(*) open but do not close streams Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-662 Unsynchronized ByteArrayInputStream implementation #109 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-650 Improve IOUtils performance by increasing DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-648 Implement directory content equality Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-634 Make getCause synchronized and use a Deque instead of Stack Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-633 Add DeletingFileVisitor Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-631 Utilities Add a CountingFileVisitor (as the basis for a forthcoming DeletingFileVisitor) Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-630 Streams/Writers Deprecate org.apache.commons.io.output.NullOutputStream.NullOutputStream() in favor of org.apache.commons.io.output.NullOutputStream.NULL_OUTPUT_STREAM Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-629 FileUtils#forceDelete should use Files#delete rather than File#delete so exception messages includes reason for failure Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-610 Utilities Remove throws IOException in method isSymlink() #80 Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-605 Filters Add class CanExecuteFileFilter Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-580 Utilities Update org.apache.commons.io.FilenameUtils.isExtension(String, String[]) to use var args. Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-572 Refactor duplicate code in org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-571 Remove redundant isDirectory() check in org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.listFilesAndDirs(File, IOFileFilter, IOFileFilter) Improvement Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-458 Streams/Writers Add a SequenceReader similar to java.io.SequenceInputStream Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-667 Add functional interfaces IOFunction and IOSupplier #110. New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-645 Add org.apache.commons.io.file.PathUtils.fileContentEquals(Path, Path, OpenOption...) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.7 IO-636 Utilities Add and reuse org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.close(Closeable, Consumer<IOException>) New Feature Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-619 Streams/Writers Support sub sequences in CharSequenceReader New Feature Fixed Closed
2.7 IO-618 Add classes Added TaggedReader, ClosedReader and BrokenReader. #85. New Feature Fixed Closed