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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
IO-793 Streams/Writers StringInputStream.java should be in main source folder Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-672 Utilities Copying a File sets last modified date to 01 January 1970 Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-603 Maven dependency version Bug Fixed Closed
IO-602 Utilities listFiles(File directory, IOFileFilter fileFilter, IOFileFilter dirFilter) does not recurse into subdirectories Bug Fixed Closed
IO-589 Some tests fail if the base path contains a space Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-498 Utilities FileUtils.directoryContains(File, File) returns wrong results when the file name contains unreadable characters Bug Fixed Closed
IO-483 Utilities getPrefixLength return -1 if unix file contains colon Bug Fixed Resolved
IO-447 Possible NPE in FileSystemUtils.freeSpaceWindows; FilenameUtils.normalize can return null Bug Fixed Closed
IO-370 Utilities Links are broken on User Guide.... Bug Fixed Closed
IO-347 commons-io:commons-io:1.3.2 POM incorrectly deployed under org.apache.commons Bug Fixed Closed
IO-659 Upgrade to commons-lang v3.9 Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-654 Spring Clean .gitignore Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-653 Spring Clean .gitignore Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-632 Add PathUtils for operations on NIO Path Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-588 Utilities IOUtils.writeLines() should accept an Iterable<> Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-587 Streams/Writers BoundedInputStream: Expose method to check whether the boundary was reached Improvement Fixed Closed
IO-549 Streams/Writers Make ByteArrayOutputStream.toBufferedInputStream public Improvement Fixed Resolved
IO-635 Utilities Add and reuse org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.close(Closeable) New Feature Fixed Closed
IO-607 Update from Java 7 to Java 8 New Feature Fixed Resolved
IO-521 Add InfiniteCircularInputStream New Feature Fixed Closed
IO-806 Spelling fixes Task Fixed Resolved
IO-601 Utilities requesting 2.6 tag for Commons IO's release version 2.6 Task Fixed Resolved
IO-723 FileUtils.touch() without mkdirs() Wish Fixed Closed
2.15.1 IO-821 Utilities 2.15.0 breaks backwards compatibility in PathUtils.fileContentEquals for the Zip file system Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-816 UnsynchronizedBufferedInputStream.read(byte[], int, int) does not use buffer Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-815 Streams/Writers XmlStreamReader encoding match RE is too strict Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-814 FileUtils.deleteDirectory can throw UncheckedIOException Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-812 Utilities Javadoc should mention closing Streams based on file resources Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-811 Utilities Files.walk() direct and indirect callers fail to close the returned Stream<Path> Bug Fixed Closed
2.15.0 IO-810 Utilities Javadoc in FileUtils does not reflect code for thrown exceptions Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-809 MessageDigestCalculatingInputStream Builder is not 100% fluent Bug Fixed Resolved
2.15.0 IO-414 Streams/Writers, Utilities IOUtils.writeLines is not correct with a charset with BOM Bug Fixed Resolved
2.14.0 IO-804 FileUtils.forceMkdirParent Javadoc is incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
2.14.0 IO-803 Streams/Writers ReaderInputStream fails with IllegalStateException on empty files Bug Fixed Resolved
2.14.0 IO-801 Streams/Writers Deprecation documentation gives incorrect alternative Bug Fixed Resolved
2.14.0 IO-800 Utilities Fix back-incompatible change for PathUtils.deleteDirectory(): throw NoSuchFileException instead of IllegalArgumentException Bug Fixed Resolved
2.14.0 IO-799 Streams/Writers [ReaderInputStream] Repeated calls to read() while EOF should keep returning -1 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.14.0 IO-584 Filters, Streams/Writers, Utilities Add a module info descriptor Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.13.0 IO-798 Streams/Writers DeferredFileOutputStream throws exception when system temp dir is a symlink Bug Fixed Resolved
2.13.0 IO-796 FileAlreadyExistsException in PathUtils.createParentDirectories(Path, LinkOption, FileAttribute<?>...) Bug Fixed Resolved
2.13.0 IO-791 Utilities Regression in FileUtils.touch - no longer creates parent directories Bug Fixed Resolved
2.13.0 IO-792 Streams/Writers Add documentation how to migrate new BOMInputStream code Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-788 Utilities FileUtils.moveFile(File, File) can cause IOException in Windows. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-787 FileUtils.forceDelete(File file) fails on MacOS Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-782 Streams/Writers SequenceReader should close readers when its close method is called Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-776 DeferredFileOutputStream uses wrong order of parameters in Object.requireNonNull Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-773 Utilities RegexFileFilter is no longer Serializable Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-772 Utilities Confusing Javadoc on IOUtils#resourceToURL() and other resource* methods Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-769 Utilities FileUtils.copyFileToDirectory can lead to not accessible file when preserving the file date Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-764 IOUtils.write() throws OutOfMemoryError/NegativeArraySizeException while writing big strings Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-762 Utilities FileSystem.WINDOWS.isReservedFileName doesn't check for file extension Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-761 IOCase.isCaseSensitive(IOCase) result is backward Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-755 Utilities Using FileUtils.listFiles() with background changes fails on Linux Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-751 Utilities When deleting symlinks, File/PathUtils.deleteDirectory() changes file permissions of the target Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-750 FileUtils.iterateFiles also lists directories Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-749 Utilities FileUtils.listFiles() does not list matching files if File parameter is a symbolic link Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-748 Utilities FileUtils.moveToDirectory() exception documentation and exception message error Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-744 Streams/Writers FileWriterWithEncoding for an existing file no longer truncates the file. Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-729 Streams/Writers BrokenReader, BrokenWriter, BrokenInputStream, BrokenOutputStream can cause IllegalArgumentException in combination with try-with-resources Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-727 Utilities FilenameUtils.directoryContains() and FileUtils.directoryContains() return wrong result when parent and child have the same path prefix Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-721 Utilities Wrong exception message in FileUtils.setLastModified(File, File) Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-717 Streams/Writers Infinite loop in ReaderInputStream instead of throwing exception for CodingErrorAction.REPORT Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-716 Streams/Writers ReaderInputStream enter infinite loop for too small buffer sizes Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-715 Streams/Writers ReaderInputStream does not mention behavior regarding CharsetEncoder.reset() Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-714 Streams/Writers ReaderInputStream does not call CharsetEncoder.flush(...) Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-713 Streams/Writers ReaderInputStream documentation regarding available() is incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-697 IOUtils.toByteArray size validation does not match documenation. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-663 FileUtils.copyDirectory(File srcDir, File destDir) fails on Windows Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-638 Streams/Writers Infinite loop in CharSequenceInputStream.read for 4-byte characters with UTF-8 and 3-byte buffer. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-611 FilenameUtils.normalize does not sanitize multiple slashes after prefix Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-544 Utilities Should FileUtils.copyFile be flushed and synced before comparing file sizes? Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-541 Streams/Writers Missing null check for arguments in MessageFormat.format() in XmlStreamReader.java Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-490 Intermittent glitch in tailer on Windows Bug Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-443 Utilities FileUtils.copyFile methods throw an unnecessary "Failed to copy full contents from" exception Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-386 FileUtils.doCopyFile uses different methods to check the file sizes Bug Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-790 SymbolicLinkFileFilterTest Incomplete, needs to handle Windows issues Improvement Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-784 Utilities Add support for Appendable to HexDump util Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-768 Add reserved Windows file names CONIN$ and CONOUT$ to FileSystem Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-763 Filters [Javadoc] FileFilterUtils doc does not match impl: missing some file filters Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-758 Utilities Deprecate PathUtils.NOFOLLOW_LINK_OPTION_ARRAY in favor of noFollowLinkOptionArray(). Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-756 Streams/Writers Update FileWriterWithEncoding to extend ProxyWriter Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-746 removing redundant casts and conversions Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-722 Improve FileUtils.touch() Javadoc to clarify it does not behave like GNU touch Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-576 Utilities FileUtils.deleteDirectory() doesn't specify how it handles links Improvement Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-565 Streams/Writers Review BoundedInputStream Improvement Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-564 Streams/Writers The rules of ByteArrayOutputStream.write are not documented. Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-753 Utilities Provide a IOUtils.copy(OutputStream, InputStream) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-726 Streams/Writers Add MemoryMappedInputStream New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-596 Utilities Add DeleteFiles utility class for more robust file deletion strategies New Feature Fixed Closed
2.12.0 IO-745 wrong assertNotNull Test Fixed Resolved
2.12.0 IO-778 Utilities FileUtils.copyFile(File srcFile, File destFile): Missing IllegalArgumentException in Javadoc Wish Fixed Resolved
2.11.0 IO-741 Utilities FileUtils.listFiles does not list matching files if File parameter is a symbolic link Bug Fixed Resolved
2.11.0 IO-724 Utilities FileUtils.deleteDirectory javadoc is inaccurate for nonexistent directory Bug Fixed Resolved
2.11.0 IO-569 Incorrect documentation for cloning repository Bug Fixed Closed
2.11.0 IO-482 Streams/Writers BOMInputStream.hasBOM(ByteOrderMark) do not read the BOM header Bug Fixed Closed
2.11.0 IO-449 Utilities FileUtils.sizeOfDirectory(File) throws IllegalArgumentException on symlink that does not exist Bug Fixed Closed
2.10.0 IO-740 Filters RegexFileFilter matches on full path instead of filename Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-739 Filters RegexFileFilter matches on path instead of name Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-738 com.sun.nio should be an optional import Bug Fixed Resolved
2.10.0 IO-737 Filters RegexFileFilter is broken, matches against path (and not filename) Bug Fixed Resolved