Release History

1.0.1 2017-09-25
1.0 2005-06-12
1.0-RC1 2004-11-22
1.0-beta-4 2004-09-09

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Release 1.1-SNAPSHOT - in SVN

fix Restored JellyContext.isCacheTags and its behavior for backwards compatibility proyal
fix Moved to dom4j 1.6.1 and jaxen 1.1-beta-8 polx

Release 1.0.1 - 2017-09-25

fix Accommodate toggling off DTD external entities. chtompki

Release 1.0 - 2005-06-12

fix Improve tag caching to improve memory consumption Thanks to Hans Gilde . brett
fix SwitchTag can not be reused if default encountered. Fixes JELLY-196. dion
add FileTag now allows appending to the file. Fixes JELLY-191. polx
fix Removed instance-based ThreadLocal substituting a JellyContext-based tag-caching. Fixes JELLY-85. polx
add jelly -h or --help responds a help and jelly -v or --version responds the version. Fixes JELLY-145. polx

Release 1.0-RC1 - 2004-11-22

fix Huge memory leak resulting from the use of ThreadLocal. Fixes JELLY-148. Thanks to Hans Gilde . dion
fix Character data is flushed by XMLOuput while XML data isn't. Fixes JELLY-138. dion
update Move to beanutils 1.7.0. dion
fix Scripts set the context URL when executing so that resources are found relative to the current script. Fixes JELLY-45. dion
add Add Regexp taglib Fixes JELLY-49. dion

Release 1.0-beta-4 - 2004-09-09

add Handle JVMs that return null for getClass().getClassLoader() Fixes JELLY-134. dion
fix Default XMLOutput to not escape XML Fixes JELLY-66. Thanks to Knut Wannheden . dion
fix jelly can't resolve vars with dots (.) in the name, in function calls Fixes JELLY-87. dion
fix Source compiles with JDK 1.5 dion
fix No exceptions silently swallowed Fixes JELLY-25. dion
fix Attribute corruption when dealing with converting attributes that include namespaces Fixes JELLY-47. dion
fix Windows path in build.xml Fixes JELLY-103. Thanks to Ralph Apel . dion
fix Mention swing directory in docs Fixes JELLY-71. Thanks to David Eric Pugh . dion
fix The "items" attribute of a "forEach" tag can contain a comma-separated String Fixes JELLY-98. Thanks to Joerg Schaible . dion
fix Allow useBean subclasses to ignore certain properties and ignore bad properties Fixes JELLY-120. dion
fix Documentation fixes for Invoke and ForEach Fixes JELLY-58. dion
fix Bad entity processing Fixes JELLY-28. Thanks to Hans Gilde . dion
fix Can't set inherit or export to false for Include tag Fixes JELLY-73. Thanks to Scott Howlett . dion
add Run a script from an input source Fixes JELLY-108. Thanks to Maarten Coene . dion
add Thread safety of tag support Fixes JELLY-113. Thanks to Gary Franklin . dion
add Add var to break tag Fixes JELLY-115. Thanks to Felipe Leme . dion
add Add exceptionVar to invoke and invokeStatic Fixes JELLY-116. Thanks to Felipe Leme . dion
remove Back out patch as it breaks define taglibs Fixes JELLY-85. dion
fix Remove sandbox and fix some dependencies to use groupId/artifactId Fixes JELLY-117. Thanks to Dennis Lundberg . dion